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The Toothless Tiger

Lysander Spooner observed that the Constitution either created the government that we now have or was powerless to prevent it. 

The reason the Constitution has become a toothless tiger is because it has failed to protect us from the abuse of power by the ruling class. It has failed because we let it.

The Constitution is only as strong as the people's determination to be free. If the people want to be free they must take the responsibility to hold elected officials accountable. If they fail to do so the elected officials will continue  to violate the Constitution without consequences. It is not the Constitution that needs to be held responsible, it is the people. Unless we insist that the rulebook is followed we will continue being slaves in the land of the free. As long as we allow it they will continue passing legislation which will benefit their friends at the expense of the people.

Only a moral and virtuous people are capable of freedom and due to apathy, ignorance and neglect we gave squandered the gift of liberty which was purchased with the blood of our ancestors; American and otherwise.

The problem is that whenever government is created, the vast majority of the people become subject/slaves to a ruling class. In any society where the people do not posess equal rights and treatment under the law, there will always be masters and slaves. Today the representatives of the financial elite write the laws and the rest of us are expected to comply and when we do we our giving our consent.

When God gave us liberty he also required that we govern ourselves or be ruled by tyrants. George Washington once said "Government is like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

He realized that if a government was not confined to its proper role it would become a tyrannical force which would destroy rather than defend the rights of the people.

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If you have woken up yet and ready to do something about the highway robbery, plunder, harm and even murder under the color of law by what you may call "law enforcement officers, aka, Blue Gang Member, corporate thug, road pirate or road nazi, initated by what they call traffic stops, then read on and start doing something about it." The commotion of the truth is in direct proportion to the lie that has been fed to the masses long enough that the truth is totally ludicrous and its speaker is a…See More
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