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This is a group of like minded patriots, who are fed up with the upside down world of "Alice in Wonderland" in which we find ourselves.See More
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Nov 25
Morton commented on Keith Broaders's page The Mission of the Constitution Club
"I believe Anna Von Reitz and her pdf's HAVE been included in our repertoire of information on this site, but we have The Colorado Eight in jail right now for trying to enforce many of her concepts as a singular motion to the courts. That said,…"
Nov 19
Morton commented on Keith Broaders's page The Mission of the Constitution Club
"No offense Fredrick, But you have a typical response to this suggestion that we should actually do what the Constitution says in reference to I,2,3,3. What I mean is, that you sound just like the people who directly oppose this idea. You are making…"
Nov 19
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"What up Cuz?"
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"I like the one that says; "I have a weapon and I'm not afraid to use it.""
Nov 8
Morton commented on Keith Broaders's blog post Doctrine of Discovery
"This is a once and future problem for many indigenous people throughout the world.  South American tribes are being uprooted and removed from their native lands and cultures, even today."
Nov 2
Morton commented on Keith Broaders's blog post Disgraceful Chapter in American History
"How is this ANY different than WACO, Ruby Ridge, or The Malheur Standoff? Answer? It isn't. This is astounding evidence of a COMPLETE violation of human rights and dignity by OUR OWN FEDERAL LEVEL GOVERNMENT! From the very start, the notion…"
Oct 31
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Morton commented on Keith Broaders's blog post Traveling Without a Driver's License
"You are correct Bill. That is why you must "Refusal For Cause" all correspondence with these shysters. You never"appear" in "their" Admin courts. "
Oct 15
Morton commented on Keith Broaders's blog post Traveling Without a Driver's License
"No Plates, No Inspection stickers, VIN covered with a "For Sale As Is" sign No driver's license No paper registration No insurance necessary"
Oct 15
Morton commented on Keith Broaders's blog post Traveling Without a Driver's License
"H I would do both."
Oct 15

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At 3:06am on June 24, 2017, Keith Broaders said…

If in your opinion your Congressmen is worthy to serve a third or a fourth term you can make an exception to the Vote No On Incumbents pledge. and return them to the House. This option should only be used with great discretion.

At 10:49am on May 3, 2017, Duane Eugene Kirkland said…
At 11:29am on April 27, 2017, Barbara M Anderson said…

If I can remember, as I will be out of town the balance of today..well, after I find that video that I want to send out then.

Trump is heading for huge troubles, not only a silent coup going on but one right in front of him with his offspring..they need to get out of DC and the W.House..they have no experience, are Khazarian Jews with many same followers as does the President himself.  They were DEMS not that long ago, participating actively and donating heavily!  Oh! My! what are we in for if he doesn't get a handle on this..Pence, another globalist, yep and it is said that Ivanka helped picked him.  I see a connection, any one else.?

At 10:00am on January 29, 2017, Adrian Angeldonis said…
Thanks Morton but email is as far as I go, no calls, no social media, no location settings.

They're watching / reading everything I or we post and say.

I'm OUT...

I'll check in here often though, like many other places, watching, waiting.
At 5:04pm on January 27, 2017, Keith Broaders said…

Kansas AmericaAgain! members and guests....
All are welcome to attend. Courtesy is the word for the day. Mind your P's&Q's folks.
Tuesday evenings @ 8PM central standard
Access 229 940 131#

At 8:31am on October 16, 2016, Dale W Redding said…

Thanks for getting in touch with me, I was just wondering if you and the rest of the members are aware of all the stuff that's going on behind the scenes of this election mess. Our country is in dire straights if even half of what I have heard is true. 

At 12:33pm on May 12, 2016, Joseph Stephen Gotshall said…

Good afternoon Mort:  Social And Political Corruption Everywhere

In Government and society and in the World. Filthiness, Evil Imagination

Sin Loved. The Masters look down at the earth and what do they see.?

 Evil Times: Man & Woman are corrupt(Gen 6:12), The good men has

perished out of the earth: and there is none upright(Mt 7:2)  This you

should also know in the last days, perilous time they shall come upon us

(2 Tim 3:1-2) For men shall be lovers of there own selves, covetousness

boasters, proud, blasphemers, unfaithful, disobedient, unholy.   

 The Constitution declared our leaders to be kick out of government.

 But the Word Of Masters declared Bribery and Treason are condemned

 (2 deaths they will received at Judgments) physical death and after 

 that spiritual death. Be not deceived, God is not mocked for whatsoever 

 man sowed, he shall also reap.(Gal 6:7) If you have time read Heb.

9:27( Mt 10:28).  Please remember no free rides, God Devine judgments

will clean up this mess we are part of now. This I say now, Walk in the  

Spirit, you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.  Gal 5: 16:          

At 1:08am on May 12, 2016, Ajay Singh said…

With Greatest Respect, Mr. Morton,

            Lot of thanks for the appreciation, its my pleasure to have your support as your sign on my petition. Thanks for the question that would help me to reveal the strategies that designed to uproot the basis for terrorism.

  Why do you think this should be ensigned by the U.N.?

   I have no doubt ! The U.N body is seeking such ideologies that would help them to overcome the perils of " Hate Religious Campaigns" that creating the basis for terrorism and war in actual fact. Please review this post from U.N News canter.........

        In fact we don't have any other way or any perfect strategy, to combat the evil perceptions that creating the basis for terrorism and war. Presently, the achievements of scientific insight are resurrecting beyond the process of Nature, and the graces of spirituality are descending to a dangerous abyss.

Thus we will have to prove that  the definitions of all the leading world religions are based on their contemporary needs, to help human being to evolve under Natural process on basis of peace and solidarity, not to obtain the narcissus and terrestrial bliss among the rot of massacre.

Our money and gun power are not potential enough to combat the thoughts of terrorism that conceals their sins behind religious narcissism that enthralled in mazes of terrestrial and political issues.


      To prevent the rise of terrorism, we’ll have to clarify the roots of faith and the facts of the materialism disgracing all believers and atheist alike. Till now, we are destroying the embodiment of terrorism, ignoring its brutal ideology still invincible before the entire world.


    It had been always lethal to write or address in favor or against the institutionalized faith of human being divided by several religious and political strictures. For a “unanimous conclusion” to tackle the clashes between religion and state, theism and atheism, the U.N body will have to approach this ideology to prevent the further rise of hate religious campaigns and rescue humanity from the shadow of Nuclear weapons.

What do you suppose the Constitution Club can do to help you?

       I believe, the administration of the Constitution Club can easily raise this issue among the American leadership that leading the world to prevent the rise of terrorism. Let us discuss in detail, how it is possible? 

    I would be glad to clarify all the strategies, if you wish for a joint venture.

   I am from India, just as a building laborer on footpath, without any sponsor or political approaches. So i beg you, i am not in position to pay for the promotion of my vision that dedicated to unify the world Elite, beyond their inherited system of thoughts, to help the world’s leadership and all leading religious instructors who thirst for a unanimous conclusion for global security in the current predicament of nuclear proliferation, terrorism and war, within the context of the moral crisis in political ethics and religious conflicts. 

Looking forward for your kind response

Sincerely Yours

Ajay Singh


At 9:17am on February 21, 2016, Gere Stokoe said…

"3 Do UN bureaucracies and administrations have enough potential to lead the global community on the path toward peace and propel those in positions of leadership to overcome complicated political issues,humanitarian crises, and religious conflicts? No! The UN embodies potential political ethics beyond the reach of the general public."

Does anyone here believe that is the purpose of the UN?

Am I the only one that believes the UN is just another sponsored tool of the globalist elites? The international Banking cabal. Those pushing for a NWO.

At 8:37am on February 21, 2016, Gere Stokoe said…

Thanks Morton.

I hope this is a forum where important issues can be discussed.

Learning and teaching goes both ways.

I have been trying to expose the PTB since the mid 60's.

The playing of both political parties by the same PTB.


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