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This group is for serious players only. We intend to return every state in the union to proper Constitutional Representation by forcing our state legislators to adhere to Article I, Section 2, Clause 3, wherein;

"The Number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand,.."

That's not the only goal for 2020 Vision 4 America, but it is the first goal. We are determined to succeed and will file suit if necessary to get it done.

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  • One representative for between, thirty and fifty thousand constituents. No one can represent 750,000 fairly as we have now. All we need is one state to divide the districts in this way and others will follow.
  • thirtythousand.org
  • Here's more of the same,

    "This is done without your knowledge or consent, without your parent's knowledge or consent, and the people doing this to you are on your payroll, supposed to be rendering you Good Faith." service the whole while.

  • Here's a little wisdom from Anna Von Reitz on the subject of your birth certificate and probate.

    "The process of false probate...results in;

    • the unlawful conversion of your name and estate assets,
    • makes you a "US citizen" instead of an "American state national",
    • removes you from the jurisdiction of the land and
    • deprives you of your constitutional protections,
    • makes you indebted and obligated to pay the bills of foreign corporations, and;
    • otherwise plays havoc with you and your entire country."
    • Been following her for a long time...she nails it
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