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  • today saw a large victory for justice on the open stream waters for the dredgers. EPA and the forest service was asked to leave by the sheriff and they were not to harrass the dredge mines of idaho. Eric J Davis is the presiding officer over dredging in Idaho and he workes out of Idaho department of Water resouces  1 208 762 2800 His positon is that idaho controls its waters.

  • I seem to always be the first. This county is the largest in idaho, and as its name sake i implore all who read this to study about state citizenship

     the sheriff of idaho county needs help on administrative help as to the EP giving dredgers of the Sourth fork Clearwater river large assessments or tickets to  stop all dredging . Im busy with other matters but we need some people to go into the fish habitat and make a good case for dredging as to the cleaining of possible beds for Salmon to spawn in. it has been proven that out of season dredging does improve the areas for food as well as egg bedding.

    EPA now uses the postal service to go around the sheriffs placing prospecting dredgers in Federal courts the EPA controls. This as you may notice is not right not only unconstitutional.

    If we are to assume the peoples rights in any State the original values in the interactions of poeple to their hired controllers must be reinvented as the Constitution seems to have went the way side  as like this link on forfitures  http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2013/08/12/130812fa_fact_stillman

    and DHS now making the 100 miles around this nations borders non Constitutional compliant http://www.dailypaul.com/295034/whoa-dhs-establishes-constitution-f...

    We are the people and we need to gather in all matters civil and foreward to our abilities to rid ourselves of tyrnts and their laws.

    the EPA are now set to confiscate many peoples livlihoods  and the Idho Counties Sheriff ( who stands beside his electors) wants to find ways through this new tyranny tool.

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