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  • Laurie isn't it Ironic that while we try to bring home the bacon the Congressmen are feasting on pork!

  • The simple solution in Montana, and I hope its the same in other states, is to avoid the primary all together and register as a write in candidate with the most simple spelling of aliases.

    In MT that means that they can not investigate your finances, make them subject to political practice rules or other crap.  

    Then you run an aggressive campaign, no holds bard and throw down hard.   I am doing this for my Senate District 32.

    Think about this....you signatures required as a third party of independent.  You just run on your name.....which is what the founding fathers envisioned.

  • Political parties are the tool used by the financial elite use to divide and conquer the people.

  • We really don't need another political party any more than we need a new type of cancer. Just vote our incumbents and only vote for candidates that understand the Constitution and will honor their oath to preserve, protect and defend it.

  • Bill, A political party is a faction that is interested in their agenda and not necessarily what is best for everyone. George Washington and James Madison both warned against the establishment political parties that would divide rather than unite the people.

    Why not just have a coalition of people that vote for candidates based on their character and personal integrity. Political parties have power and as you know power corrupts. The bankers use political parties to achieve their objectives.

  • John Taylor Gatto Video Presentations  Click Here

  • John Taylor Gatto Video PresentationsClick Here

  • John Taylor Gatto

    Video Presentations Click Here

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