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Striking at the Root

The Constitution was written to control the government, not the people. The Constitution mandates that the government must use gold or silv…

Started by Keith Broaders in Erin Lea's BoxLatest Reply

The Golden Rule

"Do unto others what you would have them do unto you" was  the original Golden Rule. Today the rule has changed to "Do unto others before t…

Started by Keith Broaders in Articles by Keith BroadersLatest Reply

What is Wealth?

Everyone on earth has an equal amount of time to produce the goods and services that other people want. One's wealth  should be determined…

Started by Keith Broaders in Articles by Keith BroadersLatest Reply

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This is your Forum

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Reply by Keith Broaders


57 Mar 18
Are we all Constitutional officers ? YES ....................
by Duane Eugene Kirkland

Articles by Keith Broaders

Author of hundreds of article on the Principles individual Liberty and personal Responsibility.

354 4 hours ago
Striking at the Root
by Keith Broaders

Articles by Morton Thomson

302 Mar 16
Reply by Stephen John Guidetti

Billy Gray's Folder

20 Mar 18
Reply by Billy Gray

Erin Lea's Box

6 on Thursday
America Again! Still Around...!!
by Erin Lea

David Zuniga's Folder

22 Mar 18
Reply by Duane Eugene Kirkland

Outpost of Freedom

1 on Friday
Burns Chronicles #58
by Morton


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