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Federal Law Requires Constitution Education

Government Agencies Required to Teach US Constitution Public Law 108-447 Section 111 of Title I, Division J, of the Fiscal Year 2005 Cons…

Started by Online Professor in The Online ProfessorLatest Reply

The Dog Eat Dog Mentality

To understand how mercantilism turned the American Dream into horrendous nightmare. Please watch the following videos.

Started by Online Professor in The Online ProfessorLatest Reply

Abraham Lincoln's Inaugural Address

Slavery: Lincoln stated emphatically that he had "...no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in th…

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The Online Professor

Contributed by Keith Broaders

3937 on Thursday
Reply by Online Professor

BJ Edwards and the Natural Family

2 Mar 17
Reply by Edward Jay Robin

Jeanine Kincheloe

4 Jul 3
Introduction to Blog Page and to Spiritual Trump Message
by Jeanine Kincheloe

Daniel Pendergast

2 May 25
Reply by Tennessee Honey

Giles King

1 May 23
Florida Common Law Jurisprudence
by Online Professor

Seventeenth Amendment

The violations and problems, etc.

22 Dec 22, 2019
Reply by daniel allan:pendergast

Morton IX

130 Apr 3
Reply by Jeanine Kincheloe

Morton IX - Paradigm Shift

Hidden Truths and Lies Exposed.

96 Jun 8
Reply by Morton IX

Morton IX - 2020 Vision 4 America

Constitutional issues for the year 2020 and action plans for 2020 Vision.

101 May 26
Holding Them Accountable - Executive Orders
by Morton IX

Morton IX - Representation

Articles on Representation from Morton IX

34 Nov 23, 2019
Representation - A Note to Your Servants
by Morton IX

Morton IX - Right to Travel

Articles and Videos on the "Transportation" codes, etc.

53 May 29
Reply by Jim Robinett

Morton IX - Self Defense

Natural Rights, The 2nd Amendment and the right to open carry, etc.

4 Nov 11, 2017
Doctrine of Necessity - The Right to Self Defense
by Morton IX

Morton IX - The Bundy Ranch

22 Jun 18
Reply by Quisno Rodonovich

The County Sheriffs Project

Including State and County Action Groups.

265 Jun 26
Reply by Evelyn Blake

Michael Badnarik

Interviews, Videos, Articles

18 May 9, 2019
Reply by Online Professor

Gun Control

Second Amendment

81 Oct 17, 2019
Reply by Martin Brian

The Bundy Ranch & The Malheur Wildlife Refuge

Including Rancher Lives Matter, Robert "LaVoy" Finnicum and Political Prisoners Videos

160 Jun 20
Reply by Richard G Schillinger

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Constitution for the united States

176 Mar 20
Some Lesser Known Interesting Facts About The Constitution.
by Izraul Hidashi

The New World Order, The United Nations and Agenda 21

Including World Heritage sites, Global Agendas, Fake Treaties and FEMA Concentration Camps

16 Jun 18
The False Promise of Liberal Order
by Tennessee Honey


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