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Congress is a Den of Thieves

Ali Baba was the leader of a band of forty thieves while Congress has a mu n larger band of thieves. Compared to Congress, Ali Baba was a p…

Started by Keith Broaders in AmericaAgain FolderLatest Reply

Guilty in the Court of Public Opinion

Guilty in the Court of Public Opinion The founders of our Country believed a person was presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a C…

Started by Keith Broaders in Keith Broaders - The Online ProfessorLatest Reply

Union Dissolved

A civil war is a war between a government and faction of  political dissidents who attempting to overthrow the existing government. The s…

Started by Keith Broaders in Keith Broaders - The Online ProfessorLatest Reply

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Keith Broaders - The Online Professor

Opinion pieces and hot topics

2418 1 hour ago
How the Financial Elite Control Politics
by Keith Broaders

Seventeenth Amendment

14 on Wednesday
Reply by Jeanine Kincheloe

The County Sheriffs Project

Including State and County Action Groups.

279 Feb 8, 2018
Reply by Morton IX

Gun Control

Second Amendment

81 Jun 4
Reply by Martin Brian

Morton IX

128 May 22
Reply by Alan Lopez

2020 Vision 4 America

Constitutional issues for the year 2020 and action plans for 2020 Vision.

81 Jun 6
National Emergency - Deception and Fraud
by Morton IX

Representation and Apportionment

Representation in the House & Senate

160 Jun 6
Earl Warren's Hidden Agenda
by Keith Broaders

Right to Travel

Articles and Videos on the "Transportation" codes, etc.

51 Jun 12
Right to Travel - Notice to The Judge
by Morton IX

The Bundy Ranch & The Malheur Wildlife Refuge

Including Rancher Lives Matter, Robert "LaVoy" Finnicum and Political Prisoners Videos

180 Dec 15, 2018
The Finicums and the Hammonds
by Keith Broaders

Freedom Interactive T.V.

1 on Sunday
Reply by Morton IX

Conference Calls

Notification of pending conference calls and Invitations to join

1 Apr 30
Reply by lis

Paradigm Shift - The Truth You Never Knew

Hidden Truths and Lies Exposed.

80 Apr 10, 2018
"Wild in the Streets," The Teenage Takeover of America!

Open Forum

12 Mar 12
Help bring forth the Republic,
by lis

Constitution for the united States

176 Apr 30
There is no CONsititution…there is no country. All are corporate
by lis

The New World Order, The United Nations and Agenda 21

Including World Heritage sites, Global Agendas, Fake Treaties and FEMA Concentration Camps

12 Jan 13, 2018
The United Nations - O.D.A.
by Morton IX

Proposed, Forgotten or Controversial Amendments

77 Jun 5
Reply by Edward Jay Robin

Illegal Immigration

3 Dec 14, 2018
Illegal Immigration
by Keith Broaders

Favorite Quotations

9 May 15
George Washington Quotes
by Keith Broaders

Money and Banking

Federal Reserve

9 Apr 15
The Invention of Money
by Keith Broaders

The American Indian and the Doctrine of Discovery

13 Dec 10, 2017
The Plight of the Indigenious People
by Keith Broaders


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