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Bring Congress and Your Children Home

Bring Congress and Our Children Home With the threat of biological terrorism the time has come for us to send our Congressmen and women hom…

Started by Online Professor in The Online ProfessorLatest Reply

It Takes a Village to Raise an Idiot

When parents bring a child into the world it is their God given responsibility to preserve, protect and defend that child as well as  to…

Started by Online Professor in The Online ProfessorLatest Reply

Videos by Jerry Day

If you want to hear some real common sense, watch this collection of videos producted by Jerry Day. Per your request, below are some lin…

Started by Online Professor in The Online ProfessorLatest Reply

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The Online Professor

Contributed by Keith Broaders

3156 1 hour ago
Reply by shippwreck

Liberty Tree University

29 Jan 6
Liberty Tree University Website
by Online Professor

BJ Edwards and the Natural Family

2 Mar 17
Reply by Edward Jay Robin

Jerry Day Videos

1 Jan 15
Jerry Day Videos
by Online Professor

Electoral College and Apportionment

27 Jan 4
The Danger of Direct Elections
by Online Professor

Keith Broaders - Representation

Articles on Representation from the Online Professor

151 yesterday
by Online Professor

Seventeenth Amendment

The violations and problems, etc.

22 Dec 22, 2019
Reply by daniel allan:pendergast

Morton IX

129 Jan 12
Reply by Morton IX

Morton IX - Paradigm Shift

Hidden Truths and Lies Exposed.

91 Jan 21
Reply by Charles Kraut

Morton IX - 2020 Vision 4 America

Constitutional issues for the year 2020 and action plans for 2020 Vision.

100 Feb 2
Taxes and The IRS
by Morton IX

Morton IX - Representation

Articles on Representation from Morton IX

34 Nov 23, 2019
Representation - A Note to Your Servants
by Morton IX

Morton IX - Right to Travel

Articles and Videos on the "Transportation" codes, etc.

52 Nov 26, 2019
Driving Without a License
by Online Professor

Morton IX - Self Defense

Natural Rights, The 2nd Amendment and the right to open carry, etc.

4 Nov 11, 2017
Doctrine of Necessity - The Right to Self Defense
by Morton IX

Morton IX - The Bundy Ranch

22 Mar 1, 2018
Reply by Morton IX

The County Sheriffs Project

Including State and County Action Groups.

265 Sep 6, 2017
The Constitutional County Sheriff
by Online Professor

Michael Badnarik

Interviews, Videos, Articles

18 May 9, 2019
Reply by Online Professor

Gun Control

Second Amendment

81 Oct 17, 2019
Reply by Martin Brian

The Bundy Ranch & The Malheur Wildlife Refuge

Including Rancher Lives Matter, Robert "LaVoy" Finnicum and Political Prisoners Videos

157 Sep 3, 2019
The Bundy Stand - Photo
by Online Professor

Archived Radio Shows

1 Feb 4, 2014
Archived Friends of Liberty Radio Shows
by Online Professor

Conference Calls

Notification of pending conference calls and Invitations to join

1 Apr 30, 2019
Reply by lis


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