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Issues for Every State

Every state in the union of several states is responsible for securing their rights for the state and the people within it. However, this has been severely overlooked for too long. The issues at hand are states' rights, individual rights and freedoms and the restrictions placed on the federal government by its charter, the Constitution, The DOI and The Articles of Confederation.

Here is a short list of the most important issues for the states to secure for their people and the land, water and air they rely upon.

All states must immediately move to do the following;

  • Create an official and constitutional state Militia because  "Congress shall have the power to call forth the execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions."
  • Insist on appointing their own Senators so that no suffrage, without the consent of any given state in the Senate shall be allowed to exist.
  • Redraw the states' Congressional districts to reflect the limit described in Article I, Section 2, Clause 3, whereby; "The Number of Representatives shall not exceed One for every thirty Thousand,.."
  • Bar ALL allegiance to the BAR. They are a foreign entity granting titles of nobility in direct violation of the Constitution.
  • Ban the Fed from every banking institution within state lines and force a return to lawful money institutions and rules which favor the depositor not the bank. Eliminate fraction reserve lending. Drop the gold standard.
  • Return to the idea of "One County, One Vote" the way the states were originally designed to work, where every county has a state senator or a vote of county councils to give every county one vote in the state legislature.
  • Re-institute the County Sheriff as the top law enforcement officer in every county. 
  • Move to dissolve ANY law which violates the 2nd Amendment and any state constitution. And Finally;
  • Remove Congress from Washington D. C. and Drain The Swamp! Send them all back to the 30,000 people in their squared off district, where they can finally be close enough and speak for the right number of people to actually be able to listen to their constituents. We live in a world of high-tech gadgetry and advanced communications. Our Representatives at all levels can simply Skype or Zoom with each other from their office. An office BTW, that will be within walking distance of their district's 30,000 constituents. Let's Drain The Swamp!

Here is a video in support of this.

Pick it up after the introduction at about minute 5:30.

This is a good start for ANY state in the union. So, if you were wondering where to start doing something instead of talking about it, here is a good place to begin.

You need to bring these demands to your state representative and tell him, don't ask him to immediately move to return state and individual sovereignty to his constituents or face troubling times ahead, due to his violations of his Oath of Office.

Mine is Eric Nelson from Pennsylvania's 57th Congressional district. Find your state Reps HERE.

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See Attached file Please


Ok Jason,

I read your deposition and the assessment of your ability to stand trial at the end. My opinion is that it would seem that this case is very involved and complicated. If everything I read was accurate, I think challenging jurisdiction might have been a good start. That would have allowed you to establish your own venue and court of record.

You seem to have undergone quite an ordeal or two to put it lightly, but if you truly are knowledgeable of the process of securing one's sovereignty and thus control of one's life, liberty and offspring, then you know that there is no justice in their venue and you can't walk the fence. You have to commit to the process and the paperwork. 

Unfortunately, you may have to compromise at this point to retain some form of a life outside litigation. We all want justice in our courts and a return to a lawful administration, but individual cases are too numerous and disconnected from each other to forward the remedy.

We must hold them all independently accountable for their individual violations of rights, if such occurs, but an overarching paradigm shift is needed to correct the actual problems with which we currently labor.

Good luck with your individual case and may I suggest you try Rule of Law Radio and Randy Kelton for further pursuit of information and possible assistance.

When you stated Ban the Fed. You also said drop the gold standard. I believe you meant to restore the gold standard. 

No mistake Robert,

There is not enough gold to back our dollar. When they made gold the standard, the intent was to limit the flexibility of currency. History will show that other metal standards  worked far better. Brass and bronze are good examples. There is more to be had and so it is therefore a better way to trade your paper back in for metal. There's more of it. Simple.

The other option is "He who has all of the gold makes all the rules". That gold standard was created by the elite and powerful to keep them powerful. 


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