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usA Non-Domestic

Something's wrong with the Republican logo. The stars are upside down. Five-sided stars that point upwards—like those on the Democratic donkey and the American flag—traditionally symbolize the forces of good. An overturned pentagram, however, represents the goat's head of Satan and the forces of evil—and there are three on the Republicans' elephant.

The GOP's stars weren't always upside down; some say the change occurred around 2000. When I called up the RNC to ask about the logo's history, staffers invariably said, "we'll have to get back to you on that" and never did. "Huh, that's interesting," said one, who clearly hadn't noticed Satan hiding in plain view.

"I have a feeling some neo-pagan democratic designed this logo," wrote a commenter on the conservative web site Free Republic. Besides like-minded rants that the design is a huge slap in the Grand Old Party's face, some online chat-room goers speculated that the inverted stars are linked to secret society symbolism.

In any case, the stars have not only turned for the Republicans: A Hillary Clinton website featured a photo of an American flag with upside down pentagrams at the time of the New Hampshire primary.

—Caroline E. Winter

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Nailed it!

Now if we can get the Democratic Party to follow suit, we just might become the America we once were.

It does not matter where it is pointed, the Republican Party is betraying everyone. Open your eyes. I have been a lifelong Republican and my eyes were opened this past year, as so much corruption is in Florida.

Not only did I become Libertarian and have never looked back, but the Republican club I was president of, by unanimous vote became the Constitution Club of Tampa Bay. No, we did not copy this wonderful site, but we ALL love the Constitution and want to see it returned to its glory. I did not name it, but members said that is what we are about.

Check out my Facebook page and you will see reasons to check out the Libertarian Party. It is totally non partisan, so we have Republicans, Libertarians, NP and even an old timey southern Democrat, who like most Republicans, actually think they can take their party back.

But we are learning how to change corruption. Our focus is the Constitution and how our freedoms are being taken away and how we can work to get them back.

The GOP is nothing just an extension of the Democratic Party. The GOP is for the destruction of the Republic just like Obama and the Democrats.

 I agree. That is the point I was getting at. They can no longer be trusted but until people leave and become Libertarian we can't take our country back. Change today and get involved. I did and now I am treasurer of the county party. They want all people who love liberty and the Constitution.  We can then start to take our country back with a party that actually believes and follows the Constitution.  x



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