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In a Republic, the political power is vested in the hands of Representatives of the people,, while in a straight Democracy, the political power is vested in the hands of the ignorant and uniformed masses.

In a democracy, political decisions are determined by the will of the majority, while in a republic, the people are governed by the rule of law.

In a republic people have rights and responsibilities, while in aa democracy people in certain groups are granted privileges and immunities. 

In a republic, the rights of the individual are secure, while in a democracy, the people only have privileges that can given and/or taken away.

In a republic, the people own their property, while in a democracy the bankers own virtually everything.

In a republic, the people are individually responsible to take care of themselves, while in a democracy, the government is responsible to provide indiviudals with the necessities of life.

In a democracy, the people are governed by an oligarchy of rich and powerful bankers,, lawyers and Wall Street corporations, while in a republic, the people are governed by the laws of nature and nature's God.

In a republic, the people get to keep the fruits of their own labor, while in a democracy, the wealth of the productive must be shared with the least productive members of society.

In a republic, the representatives are elected by the people serve the people, while in a democracy, the representatives of the people serve themselves and those who fund their elections.

In a republic, the rights of the indivudual are protected by the rule of law, while in a democracy, the individuals is compelled to sacrifices for the greater good of the greater number..

In a republic, the people are governed by Natural Law, while in a democracy, the people are governmed by the law of the jungle.

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Per Plato's REPUBLIC, A Democracy form leads to Tyranny.

Yes, a democracy will fail, and it will likely happen sooner, rather than later.  This discussion headline is no doubt accurate in saying that the downward path runs through socialism.  As a case in point, read the well-written article on Venezuela which can be found in the August, 1976, issue of National Geographic.  The country was, at that time, the richest and most promising nation in Latin America.  Serious students on this topic should obtain a copy of the article, read it, and begin showing it to young people.  It will be well-received; whereas, verbal assertions and hand-waving almost surely do more harm than good.

Throughout the history of civilization, all Democracies are short lived. All Republics have an unlimited life span until they become corrupted by the Elected selling their votes either to Private Enterprise or Political Parties.

Lynn Bryant DeSpain

Yes, it does appear that the Two-Party System has betrayed the country.  The focus is all about what the Party needs to do to gain votes.  Term limits on legislators might help.  The States, however, would have to step forth and reclaim States' Rights to fix the problem.  The States originally had--and still have in the words of the Constitution--tremendous clout in Washington, but the States allowed the Parties to simply talk them out of their power in the Federal Government, so the Federal Government now owns us.  It can be repaired if the States wish to do so.  Nearly all of the words are still in place.  Repeal of Amendment XVII along with FOLLOWING the wording of the Electoral College would give massive power to the States, and stanch the wrecking-ball foolishness that the Parties are effecting in the divisive power struggle for votes. 

Actually the Civil War was initiated to end the Sovereignty of the State's and to increase the power and jurisdiction of the Limited Federal Government at that time.

Next, the Federal Congress changed our Constitution and further deprived the State's of Sovereignty, when Senators were elected by Popular Vote instead of the Constitutional requirement of each State's Legislature appointing its Two Senators, and thus having the twofold effect of (a) an Electoral College, and (b) the State's Legislature having the ability to Fire and Replace the Senator(s), when they no longer represented the Best Interests of the Whole State.


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