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Are federal reserve notes positive or negative flow of credit ? Negative . right ? So when you add up that column of numbers on your return ; the total at the bottom of the page should be a minus number . All Federal Reserve notes are debt instruments . yes ? Yes . You owe -0-     This is grammar school arithmetic called negative and positive numbers .

Instead of getting rid of the IRS ; get them to work for you . Have them collect for you .

Although you may be right, getting them to work for you is a pipe dream.  This is right in line with trying to prove that the sixteenth amendment was never ratified, therefore it is illegal. 

Or the guy who paid his employees with antique US  gold coins using the face value of the coins so they did not have to pay much in taxes.  Even though he was right, court costs and frivolous lawsuits brought on by the US Government, were not worth the effort. Similar to what happened to Sarah Palin as Governor of Alaska.   You can't fight the existing laws. You have to get congress to represent you and pass new laws. Like H.R. 25

1.)  It is VERY easy to prove that the 16th Amendment was never ratified by the States.  My colleague, William Benson has about 17,000 STATE Sealed and Certified documents, in his possession, which proves that NOT EVEN CLOSE to the number of States needed to ratify voted for it.  THE 17th Amendment as well, what's more.

2.) The only problem is that none of our elected REPUBLICAN or Democrat public usurpers wants to lose all of that money, STOLEN from our labor, with which they BOTH buy elections and campaign donations with from the American voting MOB, of their SELECTED special interest voting blocs, and from "THE KRONIES", respectively.

3.) But yet, clearly pursuant to our Ninth and TENTH Amendment laws, our elected usurpers can only LAWFULLY spend money on the eighteen powers they were "DELEGATED" by the States, reserving all other powers and spending to themselves respectively, or the people. 

4.) This means that the ONLY WAY TO RESTORE the RULE of OUR 9th and 10th Amendment laws which WE THE PEOPLE "ordained and established" upon THEM and their hired thugs, is for a goodly number of Americans to STAND with THOUSANDS of us Americans, our SIX HUNDRED 'Constitutional' Sheriffs and Peace Officers (www.CSPOA.org), our over FIFTY FIVE THOUSAND Oath Keepers (www.OathKeepers.org) and our HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of American Militia Freedom Forces (https://youtu.be/dv8GZ7LpoH8) in "SOLIDARITY for Ninth and TENTH Amendments COALITION".

Learn more and STAND with US in SOLIDARITY here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1464895897101312/

- Capt. Karl 

That's like asking a criminal in charge to sign a warrant for his own arrest...

---> You are encouraged to muster together 15 - 20+ voters from your State Assembly voting district, to call your State Assemblymen and State Senator ask him/her to "sponsor and facilitate the passage of" this Bill altered with the name of your State.
---> A week or so after your team, of whatever number, calls and sends a copy of this bill and the Executive Summary, you are encouraged to have them call every single week to see if they have reviewed and will be sponsoring the bill.

If our local hometown State Assemblyman or State Senator doesn't sponsor and/or help facilitate the passage of the bill, he will not get elected and will lose his job.  PERIOD!

The plan is FAR, FAR, FAR more intricate than just calling.  There are a WHOLE host of plans, orchestration, local hometown tactics, letters to the editor, all coordinated by 20 constitutionalists and a coordinator, with the help of the State HQ that WILL BE DONE to provide an absolute guarantee that if he doesn't work with us, he will not get elected.  

We will be in every gas station, every store, every mall, every newspaper, every tavern, every movie theater, posters everywhere, even on the telephone poles, we will do burma shave on every main street in town, every place the Assemblyman / Senator goes, there will be NO ESCAPE.  Every person in our hometowns will know exactly who to vote for or not vote for, because there will be literature, phone calls, door knocks, by our 20 Constitutionalists IN EVERY State Assembly voting District, that there will be NO ESCAPE.   We will make this VERY VERY personal every person north of 17 years old, in our hometowns will KNOW what we can do and who to vote for.

politics or "elections" have been top down for decades, small communities won't "see" the full results until after the check mate from top ...metropolis are in charge, always have been, so gov't rules ALL by the few that are afforded an "election" that are "elected" ...nothing short of physical removal of everything above "governor" is gonna work now, and that means communities must muster before something similar to a sheriff of nottingham arrives in them all.

What you are talking about DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.  The only thing, THE ONLY THING, I am talking about is THREATENING our hometown State Assemblyman and State Senator, from our hometown, that gets elected by our hometown.

What you are talking about is like talking about Wisconsin compared to China, on the OTHER side of the World.  

We are talking about either electing our hometown State Assemblyman and Senator or MAKING DAMN sure he DOES NOT GET re-elected if he refuses to "sponsor AND facilitate the passage of" our STATE JOINT SOVEREIGNTY RESOLUTION WITH ARREST PROVISIONS; which leads up to incremental STATE NULLIFICATION of all Federal Spending and powers that exceed the eighteen powers and spending privileges DELEGATED to them by the States.  And, enforcing each one of those INCREMENTAL nullifications, to be done in monthly tranches, by State and Local Law ENFORCEMENT agencies whose personnel have been furnished with a SERIES of Constitution courses so that they procure the knowledge and tools they need to ENFORCE our State nullifications upon our Federal Agencies and Agents.

Glad to hear some people think this is still The USA (click here) ...by the way, lincoln is NOT a friend of The USA (click here).

We are in the process of becoming turkmenistan...

You have just related the reasons why only SOLIDARITY for Ninth and TENTH Amendments COALITION and STATE JOINT SOVEREIGNTY Resolutions with Arrest Provisions are the ONLY  solution to our current Constitutional, economic, political and societal crisis.

most metropolis (city) councils, governors and above are now immune from our (paper) vote, they answer to what's financially and/or forcefully "above" them, they serve the fed and above** ...that's why it's now upon We The People (again) to take our rightful place above them all ...so it's now absolutely necessary to "vote" them out with muskets before they complete the conversion of OUR military against US, in essence complete their military police, and they are very close to completion, after that it's check mate ...we're in turkmenistan.

**so petitions, warrants, etc are now just irrelevant paperwork, that may even support acceleration of their cause.

To US they are negative, to them (gov't) they are positive ...any way you look at it, WE work for them.


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