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It doesn't matter what form it comes in or which time in history it occurs. Tyranny always wears the same face and arrives with the same intent. If you think you can live in America and still be free;

Watch This Video

"What Happened at Ruby Ridge An American Horror Story" by jake 333

If we can sit back for all this time, since 1992 and do NOTHING AT ALL about what the ATF, the FBI and Lon Horiuchi (the sniper), in particular did to Randy Weaver and his family, then it is NO SURPRISE AT ALL that it would keep happening, over and over.

The latest occurrence at the FWS Wildlife "Refuge" is just another in a LONG LINE of abuse of power by our Federal government without a SINGLE SHERIFF standing at the County border with deputized Militia and Citizenry ready to STOP anyone who would intend harm to one of the county's people without due process and proper constitutional authority. In other words, if we can't defend ourselves "against ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC", then you might as well take the Constitution and wipe your ass with it,.!!??

I am highly disturbed by this video and the unchecked abuse of power displayed and mad at myself, for not long ago seeking out the details of this encounter having known about it since it happened. This is the EXACT thing they meant when they included the words, "against ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC". This video shows exactly who that domestic terrorist enemy REALLY is.

Does anyone see the parallels between Ruby Ridge and the Malheur Wildlife Refuge? This TOTALITARIAN, TYRANNICAL ABUSE OF GOVERNMENT POWER will not stop until WE stop it.

Call your Sheriff and show him this article. Then ask him whose side he's on; the Corporate structured tyrannical government thugs, or We The People's? That's what I am going to do with this information.

Then if he refuses to respond, I will run a public campaign to get rid of him and replace him with a constitutional Sheriff who knows the power and responsibilities of that office.

We will stop the abuse ourselves or it will not happen AT ALL!

Who is ready to go?

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The Government is out of Control.....When I found out what they did to the Veterans in the 30's in Washington DC when the veterans came to the Capitol to collect their back pay,  I knew.....

Don't trust Government.

Our founding Fathers would have agreed, Kathy. Welcome to reality.

I would like to add this response as a part of the whole because I think this guy is on the right track. Here is his letter to Pima County Sheriff, Chris Nanos

5 March 2016

Dear Sheriff Nanos:

In light of the information available at

and with regard to the death of [Robert] LaVoy Finicum:

Please tell me whether you consider yourself to be a "Constitutional sheriff".

Please send a copy of your answer to Keith Broaders <> as well as to me at

With sincere thanks for your service,

-Steve Langford-

Tel. 520 297-1245


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