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If a Senator or Representative votes in favor of legislation that violates provisions of the Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights, has that individual committed a crime and should they be punished or removed from office?

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  Keep drinking the tea it's good for you.

It is nonsense to one with a professional background in this field, as I have. I know vastly more about law than anyone who spouts the capitalization crap. It is not a matter of "entertaining" it, because it is not on the same level. It appears to an educated person like it appears to an expert auto mechanic to hear some idiot urge others to get more gas mileage by pouring sugar into his tank.

Yes, all caps really are just about readability. In law capitalization never matters and spelling only matters if there can be confusion about what or whom is being referred to. Anyone can name anyone anything or spell anything any way they please as long as there is not confusion of one thing with another. Law is about substance, not labels.

Yes, I believe they should be first warned,(because we are all human and we make errors- an error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it") then punished, then removed from office. But the issue that concerns me more is taking money (bribery and payoffs from lobby groups and other countries) to influence your vote!  THE ORIGINAL 13TH AMENDMENT addressed this issue. Corruption - Bribery - Its really Treason, to put another countries interest ahead of what's in the best interest of America's.

There are over the years been so many laws set in place that would be against the Constitution if they were taken before the Surpreme Court would have been removed, but now the Surpreme Court is full of judges that would protect the change even if it go against the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Removing the law makers is only going to be half the job, those that make law from bench also need to be removed and that's also going to take a move from the people. As I see the task in hand we need to in this upcoming election need to take back the Senate and hold the Congress. Then the next step would to remove this communist president in office, and to then bring judgement against those that have signed laws that have crossed the line of the Constitution. If American's would place these criminals in jail or to death because of there actions that have caused others to die. Then those that remain in office would know the people are the ruling force not them. If America would do this the world would see a force of people can change evil governments and that would chance those of the illuminati to fear a little more and think twice of coming back into America with there evil ways to control our people. With this all said it's only going to be wishful thinking, there wouldn't be the support from lazy American's to pull this off anymore. So as a Christian we better pray we are on the right side of The Lord, because He is not far off from coming. It's not just America that is in this term oil it's the entire world. Never in history has there been a time as this.

Where can we find one who will uphold the Constitution.  Treason?

What Constitution?

This country is now in receivership. The UNITED STATES corporation has been in perpetual bankruptcy since the Civil War. You did catch the Congressional statement that deficits no longer mattered, didn't you? You didn't see it in any media outlet but Congress did this in October. Assets are being systematically being turned over to the Chinese (holders of 27 trillion in US notes). H. Clinton is signing off on the transfers and speculation has it that Military assets are among the items being transfered.

Rumor has it Obama, speaking before a crowd  in S. Africa at Mandela's funeral, was introduced as the President of the Pentagon. Slip up?

The quickening is in full force right now as we continue to be treated like mushrooms.

Watch for the announcement that the Federal Reserve, along with the bigger banks are being bought by the Chinese. JP Morgan building was sold to the Chinese for 750 billion.

Internet slueths are uncovering the maze almost as fast as it happens but limited audiences insure the information reaches only a few.

Wer're in deep deep trouble right now.  

Carl, it is up to we, the People, to stand firm against the illegal actions of the criminals who are sacking our Republic. Their illegal acts and contracts do no have to be honored by us. May 16 cannot come soon enough. We have to wake up our fellow stockholders and prod them to action/support. If we don't, it's not going to just be inconvenient or an annoyance; we won't just lose our property; our failure to act will cost us our lives.  We are beginning to get some courageous allies:

When wrongs no longer matter then we are lost as a nation. Fact is all the wrongs that have been done need to be addressed and corrected and it should be done as quick as possible.

If a Representative is not educated on the Constitution, perhaps they should not serve.  The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land and was written in such a way as to protect the Sovereign States and Sovereign Citizens.  However, the Constitution has been mangled so much by people who have no understanding or just hate people to have freedom, that we have lost our Sovereignty, our Common Law of the People and we are about to lose our Constitution because of ignorance, arrogance and just plain stupidity.  

Those who do not believe in the Constitution should seek a new country to abide in. 

Yes, if they knowingly vote against the Constitution then they have committed a crime. 

Note to Everyone: Please read "BETRAYED; The shocking True Story of Extortion 17 as told by a Navy SEAL's Father" by Billy Vaughn, father of Aaron Vaughn. This book is a compelling case against the bureaucrats in our government who are committing treasonous acts of betrayal against our Military and our Republic. Billy and Karen Vaughn need us all to know the facts of how their son (and many others) are being murdered by the very people we elected and trust to protect them. (see link below) Thank you.

The united States refers to individual states united.  

The United States refers to Corporate Law.  The Act of 1871 instituted the Corporation of Washington DC and by 1938 the Common Law of the Citizens was no more.  We follow Corporate Law; not by choice, but by usurpation of our Constitution, our Federal Government - Corporate Law is the Law of the Seas or the Kings Law.  

English 101, Grammar   Different meanings:  united vs. United

Michael, I 'catch your drift', yet I'd characterize what you call 'corporate law', rather by its more commonly denoted 'Civil Code', being the Internal 'rules and regulations' under its exclusive jurisdiction and upon members therewith.

Also, while (as I understand) Common Law vernacular was removed from Form, Common Law Process (circumscribed in its peculiar language) can still be invoked and maintained through a Propria Persona litigant.


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