Arizona Should Have 175 Members in the House of Representatives

There are 9 Members in Congress who represent the people of Arizona. The average Congressional District represents slightly over 700,000 people. If the House of Representatives were to be apportioned the way  the founding fathers suggested in the original 1st Amendment Proposal, the voice of the people would be heard loud and clear.

Instead of having the power vested in only 9 Congressmen, the power would be shared by 175 representatives in Arizona alone. In the current system the financial elite are able to control politics and silence the voice of the people. The 9 so called representatives are elected thanks to the contributions from the unions and financial institutions.

Washington D.C. has become a giant cesspool where politicians go to line their pockets at the expense of the people and the time has come to return the District of Columbia to the state control of Maryland and Virginia. There is no requirement in the Constitution for Congress to meet in a specific location. It met in New York for the first 10 years of our nation's history before moving to Washington D.C.

I would like to propose that all sessions of Congress be held online and that Congressmen be required to stay at home and make themselves available to their people. If a community of 50,000 people had one Congressional Representative and he or she stayed home, do you think the voice of the people would be heard?

I would also suggest that instead of electing the candidates with the most money to purchase their office, we should determine who are the most qualified individuals in our respective communities. We should then select the names of anywhere between 5 and 10 worthy candidates and draw the name of our next Congressman out of the hat.

Congressmen would not be paid and could only serve for one two year term. Representatives who violate their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution would be publicly tarred and feathered and then sent to a state prison.

The original Bill of Rights submitted to the states for their approval consisted of proposed amendments to the Constitution. The originally proposed First and Second Amendment were not ratified by the requisite number of states, so the Amendment that we regard as the 1st, (freedom of speech), Amendment was actually the originally proposed 3rd Amendment.

The 1st Amendment proposed that the House of Representatives should consist of one member for every 30,000 people until the total number of representative in the House reached 100. At that point there would be one representative for each additional 40,000 people until the total number of representatives in the House reached 200. At that point there would be one additional representative added for each 50,000 people.

On September 25, 1791 when the proposals were submitted to the states there were only 11 states. North Carolina and Rhode Island had not yet ratified the Constitution and were not eligible to participate in the ratification process.

Eight of the eleven states voted for ratification and only Delaware voted in opposition to its ratification. Georgia and Connecticut both abstained from voting for or against ratification because they felt the Bill of Rights was unnecessary.

To be lawfully ratified the originally proposed 1st Amendment needed the approval of 9 of the 11 states and fell one vote short of being ratified. The original 1st Amendment is still pending and if the legislatures of either Connecticut or Georgia were to vote on ratifying it, the original 1st Amendment would become our new 28th Amendment.

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we need more reps to counter this , Nine Democrat Senators Allegedly Involved in IRS Targeting Scandal

America needs to restore the powers and rights of the States and the people as described in the tenth amendment. Enforce the LIMITS of Article I, II and III. No clause shall be usurped to increase or usurp powers not given.

1860 Civil war caused Southern Reps. and Senators to walk out leaving less than a forum to declare Congress Legally Adjourned a and not able to establish a date when Congress would resume.  This basically has left the U.S (Constitutional United States) without a House and Senate till this day. This statement is not true. There were 34 states and only 7 walked out. There were still 54 senators out of 68 that were there to do business which was substantial more than the number required for a quorum. Over 85% of the members of the House of Representatives did not walk out and only 50% plus i member was all that was needed for a quorum,

Late 1800's:  Lincoln and subsequent Presidents faced with a bankrupt nation and required revenue to keep the country alive.

Early 1900's (1913 and that era):  IRS was created as a Puerto  Rico corporation and several others have since Incorporated (Fed Reserve, Secretary of Treasurer, BLM, and Numerous other federal agencies -- WHY?)/  The US of A Incorporated controls the District of Columbia.

(And, OBAMA is qualified to the President of this Incorporated entity).

1933 Roosevelt and henchment (Advisors and criminal companions), caused the demise of the Constitutional United States by shifting it aside and bowing to the all mighty money lenders.

Supposedly, your Birth Certificate is a  title of a piece of property which gives the holder a Borrowing capacity up to $1,000,000.00.  (Worthy of GOOGLE and Research it is probably more truth than fiction).

The erosion of the Constittutional Government started in full around the beginning of World W ar II.).

This article summarizes the degree that the FALSE Congress is imbedded with the Executive and Judicial Branches of Government to control the SLAVES (we the people) of the Constitutional United States.  And, people like Cantor, ISSA, Boehner, Reid, Pelosi, have made extreme personal gains at the expense of us tax payers.

Mangus, your statement is correct, but better wording would be:  "Our State Governors need to assume control of their individual states, put the Federal Government on Notice, recall setting Representatives and Senantors, dismiss them since their has been no Legal Congress since 1860, and discard all laws passed since then.  This shuts IRS down, it shuts Fed Reserve Down, it resinks the clock for APPOINTED Congress could reconvene and settle all problems of the Current Federal Government (done through funding and not funding idiot projects and illegal operations).

This then takes off on your second sentence of Enforcment ...... and we reset the Government Clock.

(All immigration and Voting regulations/directives/laws get reset also).

Task one would be to implement a flat tax to fund government to keep it in recovery to Constitutional Values.  Then we address how to continue "just enough revenue" to operate the Federal Government (Which would be about 40% or less the size of current operations).

Get Busy Governors.

The idea of using the available technologies to save money, as well as increase the reps exposure to their constituents is an excellent idea, but how much leeway would that give the ones that ARE to do more illegal things.  This administration has intentionally ignored their oaths and in doing so have placed every politician in the country in a negative light of the people.  This administration's actions have pushed more people to get involved that we've seen in decades, but why should it take corruption to bring the real Americans out?  Why have we waited so long to make ourselves heard?  And, will we be able to sustain the public awareness through the elections.  I don't consider myself as a democrat or republican, I'm an American and will always do what is best for the REAL citizens of this Country.  GOD BLESS AMERICA and anyone thinking about bringing harm to Her better start swimming home!

You cannot tell me these Crony Congress people are not Insider trading their own legislation that is Lobbied for by the Crony Lobbyists that in turn lobby for the kind of tax system we have today for the Fascist billionaires that rule the international market system and are causing a defection of the dollar as worlds trade currency to rise up by the BRICS producers these billionaires have out sourced all of everyone in the western nations work away leaving we the people all dependent on our Crony Government for a handout ,  !!!!!!

 I mean these Cronies even reversed the Legislation they passed to keep them from Insider trading for Crying Out Loud !!!!!!!!!!

50 Richest Members of Congress

The Only way to stop this Madness is with Economic Individual Freedom , and with this election year coming on fast we the people need to Insist that whoever is running needs to BE FOR A FLAT TAX SYSTEM , then we the people can regain our FREEDOM from this Tyranny !!!!!!

 Get this going NOW and watch these CRONY Politicians SQUIRM !!!!!



as the population grows, so should the amount of representation. 

it makes sense that we're easily ruled by a small elite few in the present system


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