A Blueprint for the Green Life

   They say home is where the heart is, but let’s face it, from an environmental perspective, home is where the waste is. Indeed, there’s something terribly wrong with the way we build our homes, not to mention the types of homes in which we choose to live. The amount of resources and materials that go into building a typical single family home is truly mind-boggling. And this is overshadowed only by the amount of energy a typical home consumes over its lifetime. The typical North American detached single-family dwelling consumes roughly 10,656 kWh (kilowatt hour) of electricity annually. 1With more than 107 million households in the United States alone, a total of 11.4x1011 kWh are consumed each year. Of that figure, approximately 42% goes to heating and cooling.2 
   It is a well-known fact that since the 1960's the average square footage of U.S. homes has steadily been increasing, thus increasing the amount of space, which needs to be heated and cooled. The ecological footprint
of the average American house is currently estimated at roughly 1.5 hectares per person.3 That’s a total American footprint of around 161 million hectares, which is approximately the size of Greenland! 
   It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the conventional housing model is fundamentally flawed and unsustainable. Just like a patient on life support, virtually all houses are dependent on centralized municipal utilities. Without these lifelines, most homes would be rendered completely useless, yet the majority of the population finds itself living contently in poorly designed homes because they are the most widely available option. 
   “One can easily imagine the limitations, dependency, and vulnerability of being on life support in a hospital. What if you found out that you had to stay on a life support system for the rest of your life? Many people would rather die than live this way. We are living this way.”
- Michael Reynolds 

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It is hard to argue with that, Trusader. I live in Collin County, just a couple of miles north of Rockwall. We shop in Rockwall and drive through it to get to Dallas or anywhere south of us, but have never heard of any problems with illegal seizures, in this area... but, I only watch the local news for weather and traffic reports. I have heard of illegal seizures on Interstate Highways in remote areas of  Louisiana and even episodes of corruption in Wise County and Denton County, Texas... where Texas Rangers arrested and charged sheriffs, several deputies, a complicit bondsman and even brought a corrupt judge down, for preying on travelers. Public awareness drives most corrective action and I applaud your efforts.

I have not heard of the above incident til now. Do you know Deputies names

(I could know 'em as they are like pole dancers, and hookers..  they work the circuits  .. when one county plays out they move on) LOL)

from Wise/Denton as I worked 5 years for the county just below Denton. 

Crazy thing was WE/I the deputies campaigned for the Sheriff's Deputies to be able to Stop/Ticket/& arrest people.  Yikes!  what was I thinking? We were SO wrong to do that.  Hindsight is 20/20. Not brainwashed, but BackTheBlueWashed. 

After my experience I, of course, went to all my representatives, and this is where I learned the good kop/bad kop works even 'mo better in the government. In other words it will never be abolished here as it is a money making 'art of the deal -io' for them ..


After 2011 bill , SB 316 , was passed making it illegal for the DA's office to come to the scene of the  'STOP' to coerce people to sign (a) waiver their rights/money/children/jewelry. 

See https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/09/texas-police-shakedown-la... .

However, apparently this law did not pertain to me cause 'Barney' broke the law when he stopped me by the side of the road a year later with the DA's top drug interdiction officer who told these Barney Yahoos to 'walk away it's her money'.

In addition to the above tricks I also learned that ALL South/West bound traffic is Drug Cartel Money going back to Mexico.  All North/East bound traffic is drugs $'s/humans for trafficking coming into the country.  A Barney worth his salt would not  stop, or apprehend anyone East/North bound as it would significantly reduce their bottom dollar line.

Here's a few thing to assist you in recognizing an UNLAWFUL STOP when you see one.

1. If you see One vehicle/One Kop, all door/trunks open with people sitting/standing by side of the road, and Kop going through it ..  the people agreed to a search.

2. If you see the above scenario BUT with Multiple armed vehicles/armed Pirates of the Paved Seas then it was NOT Consensual, and they likely brought in a female Pirate if there are females involved.

We watch/drive by people multiple times everyday, and don't recognize one of our own are being robbed/sexually asaulted in plain sight.

~Not Jaded just Educated ..


What exactly does the NSA have to do with CAF? Why are the two related? And how does that relate to you or your case(s)?

The NSA, National Sheriff's Association founded in 1940 was 'something'  before the now infamous federal, and other N S A which was established in 1952.

To my knowledge the 2nd NSA was not used against me as I was a lone female/driving through an unknown (to me) part of Tejas when I could not possibly go from 70 to 50 in a few yards.

The connection with the 1st NSA and the CAF is they're also complicit in this money making armed robbery scheme.  The county jails house majority of overflow from local LEA's.  If they don't have any inmates/ 'residents' they don't make any money off of the Government that robs the taxpayers to pay the sheriff's..

The actual armed robbery & associated cases/ or causes (41 infractions of my rights) I had against the local Barney/his band of misfits/thugs/&thieves/the county in which the armed robbery occurred/the DA of the county in question is over. 

The populace are under the impression that any settlement paid to a plaintiff comes directly from taxpayers monies, and this is incorrect. These Jackboots are members of a PMA, insured, and this is where the reparations come from.


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