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California Congressional Districts Average 702,000 Rhode Island Congressional Districts Average 526,000

If California and Rhode Island were equally represented California would have 70 Representatives instead of just 53

When compared with Rhode Island, California has 9,375,965 people that are not being counted.

This is it folks. There's no looking back now, as far as I'm concerned. 

"They" have just said, "I'm just doing my job." Sound familiar?

Yea, It's exactly what the Nazi military firing squads said in 1941.

Enough is Enough

If you can take a little time out of your day, go get your neighbors. Put on

This Video

and ask them if they think it's time to go get these people out of jail, then fry the mother fuckers in the BLM who just murdered Robert LaVoy Finicum. Try the ones who gave the orders and their bosses, etc., etc. until we get to the end where we will find The President sitting. He is usually the puppet on the end of the string of George Soros' and the International bankers'.

BUT, it is the BLM "employees" and their bosses who just FUCKED UP!

All of you know me. I have NEVER used a swear word on this site, EVER!; and have ALWAYS discouraged others from doing it, so you know by this post, just how mad I am right now!

I say Enough is Enough!; and I've had


We don't have long people!

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So, what's the basis of your opposition? To be honest, these people sound insane. Don't get me wrong, I hate the government, but please tell me why I should support the people that initiated this confrontation? Seems brainless. There are better ways to get this done.

They sound like they truly fear for their lives. That can cause that kind of rambling overkill response. Im not as mad that the Gov is setting limits on what these people at the refuge could/ can do. But that they are NOT keeping their own word in dealing with it. They seem to be STARTING new trouble here. Those folks have NOWHERE to go. They can be met up with in a public place and even followed there from a distance. But this engagement is an obvious attempt to start something. And to keep a Congresswoman away? This is very Nazi like in my opinion.... 

You should support these people for what they stand for, which is the reason they are there in the first place, they are there to demand that the federal government follow the law of our land, The law that we the People Delegated to the government to follow, and not the false Color of law corporate Bar association infused private codes they use against the people to enslave them. The people who initiated the situation are not the ones held up at the refuge, it is the ones that ran with the corruption against the ranchers and farmers, these guys who are surrounded are simply exposing the corruption and the powers that be do not want themselves exposed for who and what they are, therefore silence the truth so they can remain in power

I don't support ANYONE blindly. Has to be a good reason. Suicide by government is JUST RETARDED. It has never produced positive results, never will. If you want to go and throw your dead body on the pile, go ahead. I realize that the out of control government is the antagonist in this case, but the "patriots" will be relegated to the dustbin of history no matter what the outcome. Americans no longer have the gumption to fight, they're too fat and complacent.

We're fucked.

You need to remove the financial benefit from the equation...the bad guys will go away, and there won't be any fight. 

I agree to go there at this point is Suicide, well actually I just heard is over they just surrendered

Yes, this is an old tape meant to convey what happened in the beginning of the events leading up to the MURDER of Robert Finicum. This recording is for review of the original fight. Not meant to be breaking news. Sorry if I didn't make that clear.

Good Luck with THAT! Remove the financial benefit? How? Please enlighten us.

Excellent reply D,

Couldn't have said it better myself. In fact I didn't say it better. You are absolutely correct. We the people did not start this, the federal government did; in 1871. Starting with the first "National" park. Sounds like a noble cause, doesn't it? Teddy was a "Progressive". They just didn't have a name for it yet.

These people were attempting to gather info in the files in that building as to the illegal actions taken by the federal government to keep taking land that HAS NOT BEEN CEDED to them in the name of "National Park" or "Wildlife refuge", as though that somehow trumps the Constitution; Which we all know it does not. CRAZY?

These people were not ready to die for some "Pie-in-the-sky" idealism or even the illegal, unconstitutional seizure of parts of Burns County, Oregon.

Did you actually listen to ANY of the video?

These people were saying clearly, that they knew of Ruby Ridge and were pissed off, they knew of WACO, and were pissed off. They knew about scores of events chronicling government corruption, while NOBODY does anything.

Did You hear Jeff? Or was it Shawn?

"Everyone just goes back to work, like nothing happened.", he shouted.

These guys/gals are at the point where they have had ENOUGH!

Don't you get that? If not, you need to get more informed of WTF our government is up to.

The Need to Dismantle the Machine By Anna von Reitz

Most Beloved Francis,
I ran across this quote tonight and thought of you:

Isabel Patterson in her book, The God of the Machine: 

“…What good does it do to have a saint of every conceivable virtue operating a guillotine? Personally, the man may be above reproach. He may have the highest of morals and ethics. He may be imbued with a passion for doing good. But the mechanism he is hired to operate cuts off heads. He may dislike to cut off heads. He may weep with true sorrow whenever a head falls into the basket. But he was hired to pull the rope that lets the knife drop. And when it comes down, off comes the head. That is the way the tool works.”

My discussion with Archbishop George was much to this point.  If we allow criminals— acting as bankers and lawyers—-to undermine a people’s lawful government and thereby convert its purpose to evil ends, it doesn’t matter how the people vote or who occupies a political office. The result of running a guillotine is always the same.
The result of worshiping graven images and idols of gold is always the same, too.  When the same criminally commandeered Machine forces us to value pieces of paper and metal above love, health, or justice— then insanity and death are the only outcomes, both for governments and men.
The theft of labor from people without their consent via the sale of CUSIP Bonds is enslavement and peonage, both of which were outlawed  in 1926.  So, why are we still mired down struggling over this?
The creation of incorporated “personas” to entrap and enslave living people together with the practice of personage and barratry that goes with it is the rankest kind of  substitution fraud known to man.
Again, why are we mired down in this, when it has been outlawed for two hundred years?
Press-ganging has also been outlawed since the Napoleonic Era, so how is it that Americans and Canadians and so many others have been kidnapped off the jurisdiction of the land and plundered by members of the Bar Associations acting in gross criminality? 
Again, Francis, why are we mired down in this, and inland piracy, too, when all of this has been outlawed worldwide for hundreds of years? 
War was outlawed in 1928 by the Kellogg-Briand Pact, but we are still fighting wars all over the world as “police actions”–which is just another euphemism for the same old crime.
Innocent people are being killed in Oregon by commercial mercenaries acting under color of law on our soil, impersonating employees of our lawful government operating under an an old familiar brand name — “FBI”– so as to make people think that they have authority they don’t have and motives they don’t have, either.
There is nothing so difficult to understand about any of this.
It is all crime, top to bottom, front to back, obvious, observable, undeniable CRIME and it has been properly reported to the authorities without appropriate resulting prosecution of the criminals, because the criminals have been allowed to run the Justice system.
There is nothing so difficult about the solution, either.
Hear us when we say that we repudiate the odious debt that the IMF doing business as the UNITED STATES piled up “in our names”.
Hear us when we say that the FEDERAL RESERVE is nothing but a glorified crime syndicate that worked gross fraud against the American people in 1933 and is trying to work the same basic fraud again.
Hear us when we say that we do NOT accept the offer of the  FEDERAL RESERVE doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to act as Successor to Contract to The Constitution for the united States of America or any pretended successor “constitution”.
Hear us when we say that we are not obligated to pay for any services received under conditions of monopoly inducement, and that we don’t recognize any contract with THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
Hear us when we say that the “Global Debt Facility” is just a Drop Box for guilty banks to try to off-load purloined assets that belong to the Priority Creditors of  governmental services corporations these same banks bankrupted back in the 30’s. These banks— the World Bank and IBRD and Federal Reserve– came in as Secondary Creditors and bare-faced claimed that the Priority Creditors had “abandoned” their property and were “unknown”.
We know who the Priority Creditors are and so do you.  
We are right here where we always were, and always easy enough to find when the perpetrators of all these crimes wanted to send us a misrepresented bill for their services or send their private debt collectors— also operating under color of law—to harass us and bring false claims against our private and public property assets.
Hear us when we tell you that the free sovereign and independent people of the United States are presenting ourselves in this matter, not working through any “representative” government, not allowing for any legal presumptions whatsoever.
We have arranged for the Native American Nations to pick up the federal side of the Original Equity Contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America.  You have received our Sovereign Letters Patent and our Joint Declaration of Sovereignty.
There is only one way to end the evil of the machine that 150 years of criminal misadministration has built and fostered— and that is to convert it back to its original function— the protection of the people and of their organic states and of their unincorporated States of America.
Most respectfully,

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The BLM did not murder the LaVoy. That was done by the FBI and the state police through the trap engineered by the FBI or feds of which the BLM is a part. 

Thanks Ted,

I was wondering myself, who exactly it was standing outside the building that day with the megaphone. BTW, that's even worse. The Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION should not have guns or even for one minute think they have a duty or a right to ENFORCE anything.

Whomever is responsible for giving the orders to seize this property and escalate this situation are ultimately going to have to face their fate. They were worried that these people were about to expose their largess and corruption. THAT'S what this is about.

Was it the FBI who shot LaVoy too? I didn't see the uniforms too good.

Either way, it is not important which agency pulled the trigger, my original presumption is true. Ultimately this was done under OBAMA's watch. He is responsible. Everyone else is just following orders from someone above them, etc., and so on until we have to stop, and there will be sitting Mr. Obama. At the top.

That is what the Dems would be saying if the Prez was Republican. Isn't it?


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