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Thank you Colorado Sheriffs on speaking in support of our inherent God-given rights made manifest and edified in the U.S. Constitution. I would like to give special thanks and support to Sheriff Don Krueger, Clear Creek County and assure him and his staff whatever help the Colorado 1st Mountain Division can offer with his Office's laudable endeavors.

A political solution we all hope and pray arrives, but the criminal factions of the US Government appear to have other 'plays' in mind, if what i read is true of Secret Service being groomed to interfere and depose those Sheriffs of Colorado and Texas that will uphold citizens' rights, heretofore peacably enjoyed. Please be aware of this earnest offer of solidarity, fraternity and resolute steadfastness from a lawful and moral, defense-minded group of citizens prepared to do what good citizens across this Great Country are thinking similarly in defense of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, as was done before by our forebears and as may come need doing in securing of those same principles for our future generations.

If i can be of any assistance, or answer any questions, please contact me, care of this website, and i will do my best to avail myself personally and provide you my undivided attention, of which this matter is so deserving. 

Thank you again Sheriff Don Krueger, Clear Creek County, and all the other Proud American Sheriffs; may the tasks before you find peaceful resolution in avoidance of anticipated conflict with those that would challenge your Authority in execution of your lawful duties. We shall stand with you.



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