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The Confederate Flag symbolizes sovereignty of the states, not slavery. The war was to preserve the union and put the states under the jurisdiction of the government of the United States. The southern states did in 1861 what the colonies did in 1776. They seceded from their parent country and in both cases the parent country attacked the child

Very interesting how you stated that fact.

"They seceded from their parent country and in both cases the parent country attacked the child".

What would happen if the states or individuals had to, once again, secede today? Who and how would the parent country attack today? Ya know, history has been known to repeat itself. It might be for exactly the same reasons. When we read the Declaration of Independence, it reads EXACTLY like today's news headlines! Go ahead re-read it. Substitute the words government or the administration or Congress for the name King George.

I am willing to find out.  with this article I declare my independence from the federal dictatorship!!!!  I WILL NOT COMPLY!!!!!

This Is NOT the Confederate Flag !!!!!

This IS the Battle Flag of Northern Virgina Confederate Troops - - used to make the difference between Southern Troops & Northern Troops During battles as Many on Both the north & south had the same color uniforms.

The south was fighting their second war of independence, also referred to as the War of Northern Aggression, not a war over slavery. They were all stunned to see it spun into that, especially the free blacks who carried the banner into battle to protect their country.

the only controversy is that diseased liberals get their panties in a wad over things that don't matter to keep the focus off of the things that do matter, like government tyranny!!!!!

I'm always being so serious but this time I feel a need to inject a little humor.  I hope no one minds.

but center the flag in the picture first

Actually it's the forum that has rendered the photo off center. Adding a mod to resize the photos or at least center them should fix that, but if you click on the photo you should be able to see all of the lovely and curvy young lady that so proudly wears the southern cross

Fairy, are you saying that Pelosi, boxer, Feinstein, and their ilk are doing such a wonderful job?????

your post was bashing the men in charge so I thought you meant we needed more women but most of the women there are just as bad, and some are worse.

I think that picture was humor relief. No Harm. However, since, Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein was mentioned, can we not all see how diverting attention and dialogue to what doesn't really matter and away from the real subject is used as a tactic by progressive agenda. We could all get hot and bothered by something harmless and loose our attention on what is more important and become distracted and our thinking confused. Let's not fall prey to their tactics, less we fall victim to their agendas.


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