Well, here it is folks. Another angle, another injured Party "travelling upon the land" and minding their own business, until someone in "government" pissed them off!

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I attended a seminar given by her in Tyler, Texas and was fortunate to attend a small gathering with her after the seminar.  She is awesome!

May I say that I stand exactly where she stands. I am equally consigned to my destiny. "They" will not get my consent ever again. Not "knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally". - UCC 1- 308

All we have here folks is a foreign agent talking about breaching their corporate contract to a bunch of other foreign agents.  When or if they sign that resolution, they are ripe for persecution of treason and/or sedition.

Now, if she produced documents to renounce their current and unlawful subscribed oath of office followed by taking a new oath of office compiled and authored by Thomas David House of Deegan followed by signing signature rescission documents and possibly the individual declaration of freedom, I would say there could be some hope.  She spoke about education yet she is restricted in education by the teachings and curriculum forced upon her by the psychopathic, Luciferian world elitist's influence in such teachings.

Folks, we must concentrate on completely removing the de facto mindset and defy each and every foreign agent purporting to be lawful government including all those foreign agents who protect their interests whether police, code enforcers, court clerks, judges, BAR attorneys, etc.  It really is that simple.

Remember, these corporate foreign agents have presumed all to be their enemy via the War Powers Act of 1933 which is in full force and effect to this day. I ask you all what should/could lawfully transpire from one who has been deemed an enemy upon one's sight of any foreign agent?   You got it without me having to specify it.  See how easy that was? ;-)

One thing Leonard. You said it yourself. We are already enemies of "The State". What more harm can they bring upon one who has declared separation, than they already are bringing upon the average Joe? If we are already at war, then what's the harm in bringing the fight out into the open and delcaring in every way we can that;


Mort, Simply because of contract law!  Foreign agents are under corporate contract and the law is the law no matter how ridiculous such contract may be. The part I struggle with is whether such corporate contracts are lawful and because of the maxim of law, "silence is acquiescence", such is the law until challenged and challenge is exactly what the gentlemen of WV have done.

Michael Badnarik and I are pretty good friends and he knows the path I and some of my circle of friends are into. Michael always supports our efforts even though these efforts are somewhat beyond his scope of teachings (maybe not knowledge, however).   

If the people concentrated only on maxim's of law and contract law, all the many, many statutory BS may eventually go out the window.

We will not comply but they will force compliance at the barrel of a gun due to their presumption of all being US citizens under occupation of their corporation (s). Ones y, twos y individual wins by some in their system does little for the overall masses. 

It will take many, many people to take a stand via a proper, lawful, standing, capacity, jurisdiction and law form. Until then, many will perish.

Talk about repeating the BIG LIE !!!>

You have a point there my friend, I don't care if this attorney calls herself a constitutional attorney which I am still choking on that, she is still a foreign agent! I have no use for these reprobates who are stealing our lives and property from us. They should have been placed before a wall and shot, every last one of them! Hail Caesar!

America wants a woman on the Presidential ticket? Well lets give them a real woman we all can be proud of, Kris Ann Hall. May God watch over you and all us oath keepers in our quest. You go girl ! We love you !

Here is who should be president....


You go Kim, you are my hero and we love you....

I guess the licenses that are being issued are VOID w/o Kim's signature..


HA HA HA....she got them..

Rosanna, I must respectfully but totally disagree with you. Again, Kim is under a corporate contract (oath) and as F'd up as it may be, she will and has been persecuted for breaching that contract. In law and at law she is wrong, wrong, wrong and they, the corporate, fictional foreign agent occupier's will see to it that she will be held to her corporate contract or else!  

Now, if she was to lawfully renounce her corporate contract (oath) as I have specified in an above comment of mine, she would have the standing she now lacks.  True law can never be interfered with merely by what's in the heart. This too is a maxim of law.  

I have personally learned in or out they will take you....that stops nothing. We all have been lied to. I appreciate her heart for God's laws that she made a choice and is standing for God. 

I understand what you are saying. I have stayed "outside" and NOT in their jurisdiction but they own the bullies with the costumes, badges and guns.. As long as there are more of them than us we don't stand a chance....

There aren't enough Z's in the country......


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