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Well, here it is folks. Another angle, another injured Party "travelling upon the land" and minding their own business, until someone in "government" pissed them off!

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I totally agree that she made her decision based on God's law which is supreme to all however, she contracted to the purported government and was operating with unclean hands with her actions.  It's really a matter of her not knowing true law and contract law which has put her into her current dilemma.

I've gotten word that Phil Hudok who is one of the three (3) signers of the complaint and amended complaint filings for WV will be in KY this coming Friday to protest on her behalf.  I and others in my circle, of course, are against such a protest due to her breach of contract. 

I also respectfully disagree with you in that these foreign agents have more with guns than the people.  I think the facts will show that the people have many more times the guns and people than these foreign agents have.  It's a matter of organisation of forces and lack of participation that may be the huge disadvantage from a tactical standpoint for the people as is the case and point with the WV matter. 

good answer the people of this nation wait,  the very consciousness of humans are as the 100 monkey syndrome, for when that time for action comes and after much despotism and martyrdom one day the slate will become active for as I have said in the past within these walls the human consciousness waits for the right time and when that time comes there will not be any looking back. 3% 5% 10% bit matters not for when man loses his self he loses it.

prepare for the outcome. And the people the masses are not alone in this coming time.

Although don't take that wrong KrisAnne would be fine to.

I wholeheartedly agree only if she renounces her current contract (oath) and subscribed to the lawful alternative oath or contract.

In case you are interested in listening to the conference call held this past Thursday the 3rd of September, here it is:

Here is the amended complaint that was filed this past Friday the 4th of September 2015 and to which I consider to be one of the best legal documents I have ever had the pleasure of reading and understanding: ;

Let me know your thoughts. 

I have watched a couple of her videos and she talks the way I did many years ago before I understood more about our constitutional system [ which must incorporate the adoption of the 14th ] and the gov's official policy today of pretending that everyone is a fed citizen via the 14th.

Under that pretense, even those people with constitutionally secured rights have been unconstitutionally stripped of those rights.  Due to her not understanding this, her speeches, no matter how well intended, can motivate honest but naive people into doing things that can cost them their life savings and even their liberty.

We have a gov today that has an official policy of denying people of due process when it pleases, which the SCt has always said is an absolute constitutionally granted right for everyone - even 14th subjects.  We have a system that is badly broken and if people are going to make a change, they need to understand the truth in order to understand the fraud, because only then can they use the highest courts to issue orders to restore rights.

If they do not know the proper questions to ask in the appeals courts, there is no hope of getting the answers they have a right to.

If America is operating under a soft form of marshal law after going into bankruptcy in 1933, then the attorney may wish to reconsider what she is saying here.  It would seem appropriate to investigate the claims of Trafficant when he said we were bankrupt and the members of congress were acting as trustees for the bankruptcy.  It would be most important to know where you are before you go to war.  Could an attorney actually not know this?

As per official gov policy, the gov is operating under what used to be limited communism [ Art 4,3,2 ], but with the loss of the right to due process in many situations, and when it is available, it is often a sham, we are moving to full communism where the people are allowed to think they actually have a say in the election of their masters and that the courts are not totally corrupt.

5WV, Yea, sometimes reading such documents can confuse and that is why I also included a recording of last Thursday's conference call which includes a total recital of the amended complaint which also includes some additional explanations of what has been done.  I feel it would be worth your time to listen so, for convenience, here it is once again:

whats the difference from this and what Rod Class from North Carolina tried to do.

Quis, The cases you refer to are similar regarding the fact neither could not and would not acquire an answer or be heard in open court and on the record in their fictional, corporate venue.  The WV case has absolutely put these foreign agents occupiers in a lawful quagmire to which they will pay dearly at some point in time (personal promise). ;-)  Remember, fraud has no statutes of limitation along with the maxim: "fraud vitiates all" truly means that these foreign agents are absolutely going down and the court of record may not be kind to them with their sentence when the civil authority is in place. 

Unfortunately, Rod got involved with those foreign agents via the ITNJ which fizzled out in a big way due to the untimely discovery of UN ties. Rod knows better based on what was written in that oath of office and documents that were required to be signed by unsuspecting participants.

As far as Tim Turner, both Thomas David House of Deegan and a close friend and mentor of mine were deeply involved in his Republic venture and saw right through the BS and "in it for the money" side of the whole ordeal and shortly thereafter, poof!!!!!!


I was a student to Tim until Davis was sent to prison . Then AJ  my son and I studied through He was from Boise and  was very good but  the Feds killed him. .

Ever hear of MK Ultra? as a young lad in Pohang Korea I was indoctrinated via mind control into it.

I had implants still in me from the 60's. I came to my area 3 years ago and found a person who could remove implants via magnetic induction. interesting how  those who were in the services are tracked after they leave when they're in the right MOS.

read Fritz Springmeir on mind control and Also Dave Larson reports-

-they lead me to -the next thought.  you may win this but be careful for you may lose in the end. These people don't play around.

If God is truly using you to show the way, you may be safe but I would be careful anyway.


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