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Well, here it is folks. Another angle, another injured Party "travelling upon the land" and minding their own business, until someone in "government" pissed them off!

Watch the Video


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Here's last evening's conference call which I think you will be impressed with.  Things are happening in WV. Please note that later in the recording, a militia leader from a large group has pledged his assistance. This could be huge, folks.


theres a song about that word cant remember all of it but it went kinda like this

Hooray for the soldier who died for this land

but who did he die for ? Corporations or man?

His blood seaped into a foreign land

Did the tree of liberty Know this man

whos bllod was spilled in a foreign land.

Corporations made of steel knows no freedom like the freedoms kinown by the common man

So here lies a soldier on foreign land

did the tree of liberty really know this man?

something like that.


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