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Write an article on the subject,Terry. I will review it.

My mother is 87 years old, had been diabetic for 10 years.  I got concerned for her because she was on medication and starting to have kidney issues.    I got her a book written by a physician and she read it, started working on curing her diabetes and today she is 87 and cured.  No more pills, no more kidney issues and feeling better than ever.   People at church laughed at her, told her at her age she would never get rid of it.  If you following the instructions on getting rid of it, it will go away, but you have to be determined.  She started losing 40 pounds, then started eating with no sugar in her diet, and changed to eating all Organic and NON-GMO foods.   Also does not store any food in plastic, and only glass.  After hard work and determination she is now diabetes free, except the people at church picked on her, and never complimented her for her work to rid herself of it.  They would tell her she looked sick because most of them are overweight and make fun of her not eating the GMO food at church.  Non of us here at the house eat any GMO's anymore.   We were sick all the time, and getting sicker with stomach and intestinal disorders.  Diabetes is very much curable.  Just have to give up certain things, evan at 87.  The Health Ranger, Mike Adams is awesome.  I get all my good stuff from him!

I've helped people cure their diabetes.  It's mostly dietary and lifestyle related.  Make your diet organic, mainly leafy greens, some free range meats, eggs, wild fish, coconut oil.  Drink pure water, herbal teas.  Exercise, direct sunshine on skin daily.  You know, the way indigenous people used to live.  Not difficult.

Absolutely right!  Exactly what we did, and most definitely got rid of the GMO food.  That is the hardest part ridding yourself of GMO's since it is in just about everything unless you purchase organic and/or NON GMO project verified.   You do have to read labels though to make sure you are not getting a little bit of GMO with the product.   Some people have accepted this way to eat and others cannot help themselves.   It is sad to see them eating the horrible foods and giving it to their children.  It took us 4 years to get really good at eliminating the GMO's.   I will never go back though, as it is not worth it.  I feel so much better and healthier!  My mom 87 is doing great, no medications whatsoever and no diabetes anymore!  Yeah!  Keep up your work, as you are the people that this place needs to change lives!

Not quite absolute Patricia,

I seem to be in a family that, for the most part is extremely lucky and blessed with good health. I seem also, to be the most exceptional one in this family. I break ALL the rules of health and pay only one price. I have a little arthritis, because I won't give up my morning coffee.

Otherwise I seem to be a medical miracle. I don't have many bad habits, but I certainly don't eat right. I eat TONS of sugar, processed and natural, organic and GMO and show absolutely NO signs of diabetes or any other ailment. I basically don't eat much cow and I prefer vegetables and fruit over most other foods. I rarely sleep, I don't exercise except a lot of walking. And here's the kicker.

I never get sick; I don't go to the doctor; I don't have ANY allergies. NONE! Never have had any. I'm not even allergic to poison ivy, poison sumac OR even poison oak. I feel great for someone my age, even though I'm no iron man. Just extremely healthy. No illness issues, except the aforementioned Uncle Arthur Itis.

Go figure, right?

You are lucky.   My mom and I both had leaky gut so severe that I thought I was going to die.  Was told Crones Disease can come out of this or I could die, as the walls of my intestines were being eaten.   Did research and found out that GMO's will do this to your intestines.  Could also be because mine have always been sensitive and my mother was 85 years old.   We both got rid of the GMO's and it took about 2 years, but we are free of leaky gut and feel like we can live again.  No medications, and no treatments, with the exception of eliminating GMO's from our diets.  Mom was able to rid herself of diabetes as well, and I lost over 40 pounds that really needed to come off.  We stay away from sugars and use pure raw honey in all our baking items.

"the walls of my intestines were being eaten."

This is also a symptom of many medications, including even and especially, OTC antacids, which have been proven to be extremely harmful and antithetical to the cure and the cause, and can create intestinal problems throughout your digestive system.

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar instead, every time you feel like you're experiencing ANY AILMENT of a digestive nature.


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