Declaration of Non-Cooperation and link to "Revolution, Just Say No!"

Liberty or Tyranny?

Which one are YOU asking for?

There are theories that claim that what you BELIEVE will happen, WILL happen. What you BELIEVE to be true, WILL come true. What you ASK FOR you SHALL receive.

I believe this is true. I also believe that this is EXACTLY what most of us are doing. We are getting the EXACT kind of government that we are ASKING FOR! It is also true that;

"Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed." - Thomas Jefferson, DOI

What Jefferson was saying is that this ability to voluntarily suffer "small" kinds of "slavery" instead of fighting the cause of it, is what we are likely to do. 

Well I say we have a choice. In the Constitution, I believe that there are solutions that look like they should work, restrictions that appear to limit their power, specifically delegated assignments with little or no ambiguity in the language in the Constitution, etc.

However, this is not needed. That constitution only describes what I believe to be one or more last resorts when all else fails. It is by that definition a Fail-Stop. A backup plan at best. AND? We don't need it.

  • We don't need to demonstrate, (1st Amendment);
  • We don't need to beg for their attention and "redress";
  • We don't need to vote them out;
  • We don't need to Go to court or "appeal" to anyone, especially the B.A.R.;
  • We don't need to "Legally" change or protect our NAME;
  • We don't need to "Drain the Swamp", Close down D.C., or increase "The number of Representatives..." to "One for every thirty thousand"
  • We don't need to "Lobby" them for better "representation" in ANY way;
  • We don't need to repeal any Amendments;
  • We don't need to cooperate with their edicts, EITHER! And most of all?
  • We don't NEED to SIGN ANYTHING! EVER! Instead?

Just Say No!

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Here, here!  Thing is...there needs to be enough of us, liberty minded, Americans saying NO, for it to really matter.  Individually, "they" can wear each of us down with strong arm or illegal tactics.  We need to rally a "collective" NO...HELL NO...not any more!

I am currently dealing with the courts and ill informed police officers who assume all Americans have consented to following state driving regulations and statues and have given up their "right to travel'  I'm also fighting back against the IRS leviathan.  It's a lonely fight simply because everyone expects everyone else to figure everything out on their own.  If someone finally wins or finds a weak spot in their armor, they don't seem to share the facts.  Everyone is expected to "invent the wheel" on their own.  This is what is hampering our cause.  This, I believe, ti what is slowing down the fight.  Too many Americans give up because they feel overwhelmed and alone in the fight.  There is not enough verifiable and provable evidence out there that certain processes work...all or most of the time.  It's hit or miss with everything that's out there.  I would like nothing more than to stop making mortgage payments to a bank that has already been paid when they sold off my mortgage months after I bought it.  What are the actual steps one needs to take to stop the fleecing and robbing of the American people?  No matter what we send in to the IRS or say to an IRS agent, who, quite frankly, knows less about the tax code than we do, nothing changes.  They simply ignore us and continue their illegal levies and extortion.  We need silver bullets!  We need arrows that pierce their armor, every time they are fired at them; arrows we can share with every American who has had enough and desires to take back our country and our freedoms.

Just talking about what we need to do doesn't get the job done.  I just fogs up the mirrors we're talking to!

I realize some of us are currently ensconced in battle with these creeps Chris,

But try to remember that they are obliged to follow their own codes and regulatory recommendations and in that regard as before, I recommend Rule of Law Radio and Randy Kelton for how to TAKE ACTION in court and I can't impress upon you again how important it is to follow that up with Eddie Craig and Rich Iverson, on right to Travel. Also I HIGHLY recommend you take in my article Right to Travel - Driving is a Profession for more info and links.

Please stop declaring that everyone is continually expected to "reinvent the wheel" or saying we're "alone in the fight". I have offered ALL of this information and TRIED AND TRUE SYSTEM of ACTIONS to take THAT WORK! They come complete with EXACT instructions and forms and procedures and LAW in use.

Those days of no consistent plans and no system of attack are OVER!

GO LOOK at the the links I provided.

And BTW,

Welcome to The Revolution!

Just Say No!

If this nation does not collectively realize there is more that binds us, than separates us again, it is going to get really ugly. TOO many are embracing all that we are NOT!  and that is very bad!  What in the world has happened to their minds, that they don't think for themselves and already signed on to the socialism train?  Such ignorance is unbelievable and so wrong.   We have GOT to take back this country and tell the yo-yos NO!  Firmly NO! or we are lost.  God help us get sorted before it is too late!

"We have GOT to take back this country and tell the yo-yos NO!  Firmly NO! or we are lost."

I couldn't agree more Ruth,

That's why I have spent all of my energy on setting up the Constitution Club to lead the way in that endeavor. In that vane I have personally authored solutions like:


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