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Declaration of Separation

and Reasons for that separation!

We the People, in order to secure the blessings of freedom and sovereignty to ourselves and all future generations to come, do hereby declare our political separation from the current administrators of our government at ALL levels. We have come to a point in time where our decision to separate is imminent. We have been forced into this unenviable position by the actions of the human beings currently employed in our own government, now at all levels.


We the free people are not the source of the problem, but we are the answer to it. The power to separate is ours alone. Thus, Prudence indeed dictates that we should declare the reasons for this Separation, to whit;


  • They have declared war on the American people by virtue of “Presidential Proclamation” and “Executive Order” under the guise of “National Emergency”, thus skirting the rule of law and the limitations of the Constitution.
  • They have extended the power of law to themselves and the “High and Mighty Supreme Court”, rather than the will of the people.
  • They have stolen the right of the people to form a Grand Jury at their discretion without the input or involvement of the government and they have removed the right of the people to be in control of justice by insuring Fully Informed Juries do not exist and the right of “Jury Nullification” is ignored and unknown by the common people.
  • Judges continue to routinely ignore their Oath of Office, the rule of law and The Constitution.
  • The Congress has created over 20,000 “gun laws” in direct violation of our 2nd Amendment securities and our right to self-determination and defense.
  • They have instituted “mandatory” societal compliance with forced vaccinations and dangerous drugs, from Doctors who have sold their soul to the Pharmaceutical companies all administered by the executive branch agency called the Food and Drug Administration.
  • They have allowed the creation and implementation of a banking system based in Usury and “fractional banking”, designed ONLY to enrich the banking families at the direct expense of the “depositors”.
  • They have monopolized our monetary system without having to produce anything of a tangible nature in return for the offer of security of the “line of credit”.
  • They create “currency” from thin air and instead of protecting and controlling the value of our money, as promised and have “inflated” our symbol of monetary trade over two thousand times from its original value, thus crippling our economy and its producers.
  • They have instituted Direct Taxes on the value of the property known as work and the wages of the freemen upon the land without apportionment in complete violation of Article I, Section 2, Clause 3, of The Constitution of, or for the united states of America.
  • Our federal government has now removed all pretense of a “Republican form of Government” and is instead employing ALL TEN recommendations or “Planks” of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels as written into The Communist Manifesto.
  • The goal of our own government has been created to entrap ALL Americans into a system of slavery, to include the destruction of;
    • Our Churches,
    • Our Money,
    • Our Health,
    • Our Children,
    • Our Houses,
    • Our Time,
    • Our Guns and
    • Our private property rights, as well as
  • Restrictions of myriad laws designed ONLY to intrude upon and destroy the individualism and self-reliance that this country and Mankind themselves are built upon.

There is an axiom of law that is being ignored by this enemy we now declare our separation from and it is this; “Good people don’t need laws and bad people will simply ignore them.”


We the Freemen of the Land are currently laboring under the resulting oppression and slavery created by these policies and The Federal Reserve Bank and all who support the existence of the same. The Constitution, which we think will protect us has been instead turned against us and its restrictions have been ignored since the Emergency Powers, instituted by Abraham Lincoln and put into action with “Executive Order # 1. The “Doctrine of Emergency” has been used ever since, by the government for over 150 years, to render the Constitution null and void and it is now only a tool of the rich and powerful bankers.

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  "The jury in all criminal cases,
shall be the judges of the law and the facts."
-- Georgia, Declaration of Rights, Art.I, Sec.II, Para. I,.Declaration.of.Ri...

"In all criminal cases whatsoever, the jury shall have the right to determine the law and the facts."
-- Indiana Constitution
Source: Indiana Constitution Article I, Section 19

"...and in all cases of libels, the jury shall have the right to determine the law and the facts, under the direction of the court, as in other cases."
-- Texas Constitution
Source: Article I, Section 8

I have long held that The Fraudulent Reserve Act of 1913, signed into law, by Progressive Demon-rat, President Woodrow Wilson, was never contested Constitutionally. 

I further believe that needs to be a primary target for repeal, for every liberty loving citizen! How many do not realize that our taxes, on just wages, barely equals the interest on the National Debt, that now exceeds 21 trillion (Federal Reserve Notes)?

The Fed is not a government agency, but is a Private (FOR PROFIT) Corp. Think about that! It's an international banking cartel, rumored to office out of The Bank of London.  

Did we win independence from King George's tyranny, to be enslaved by bankers in London? Ironic, eh?


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