Subject to The Jurisdiction!

The Constitution would never have been ratified by the States if the people knew they would lose their sovereignty and become “subject to the jurisdiction” of the government they just created.

In the Tenth Amendment, the Constitution clearly states that any powers and authority which are not specifically “delegated to the United States…, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

In other words, the newly created central government was the servant of the states and the people. The new central government was intended to be subordinate to the people and the states. The Founders wrote the Constitution to restrain the government and prevent the abuse of power by the government that was created to protect the God given rights and sovereignty of the people.

They Framers understood that; "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". They knew that an unrestrained government would inevitably become tyrannical. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson asserted that it was the right and the duty of the people to alter or abolish their government when it began to abuse the people’s unalienable rights.

Due to our collective apathy and ignorance we have allowed the servant to become the master, and the master to become the servant. The people have become “subject to the jurisdiction” of their government. The government has become a crime syndicate abusing the rights of the people through corporate, commercial law, while masquerading as a legitimate and lawful government.

The Founders warned us that in order to remain free we would need to be virtuous and ever vigilant. They knew that the government, they had created to protect our rights, would one day enslave us. They did everything in their power to prevent our current government from taking over. They knew that there would be men in high places who would seek to create an Empire and that in order to do so here, they would need to re-write or ignore the Constitution.

We have reached the point where there can be no doubt anymore that our Supreme Court has enabled the sovereignty of the people to become a distant memory. We labor in “equity” courts under Admiralty/Maritime jurisdictions to fight for our “privileges”.

We better defend our rights now or we will surely be forced to later.

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I have been saying for quite a time that the USA is no longer truly a representative republic as our founders established it.  The government, through bureaucrats, and the courts, through judicial edict, now reign over We the People as royal tyrants rule over their subjects!!!!!  Both political parties are controlled by the Nazi war criminal George soros.  I refer to them as the donkey and elephant wings of the New World Order Socialist Party.

Very Good Bob,

Now tell your Sheriff that we have now found ourselves with an actual "Emergency" on our hands because this non-sense is happening in HIS County!

Sadly enough, our current sheriff is part of the problem.  he thinks only police and military should be allowed to own guns, essentially the 2nd Amendment should be repealed. he is a typical democrat.

If you tell him crimes are happening in his county, right under his nose and he does nothing, you can bring charges (misprision of Treason) against him. You impeach him and get him replaced. Hard Ball!

If he is up for re-election soon, you can apply political pressure. Threaten to splatter his maleficence all over the front page. You tell him that you can afford the publicity, see if he can. Medium Ball!


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