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Blaming aliens for accepting the benefits offered to them by Congress is like blaming a child for accepting FREE candy from the Easter Bunny.

Congress voted to provide the benefits to them and then raised our taxes to fund the giveaway. We shouldn't be mad at the aliens, we should be furious with Congress for stealing our money to reward foreigners who enter the United States without documentation.

The Preamble to our Constitution states the government is authorized to "Provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare" it said nothing about providing benefits to specific individuals or groups. Congress does not have the lawful authority to take our money and give it to other individuals or nations for redistribution to special groups, "and other purposes" (SSA - 1935).

Before our Constitution was written, people were able to live wherever they wanted. Our government then passed immigration laws which trumped the natural rights of men and women. Are the laws passed by legislatures superior to the laws of God?

If our government provided the aliens with an opportunity and stopped giving them FREE stuff for coming into our country the problems would likely disappear.

As far as I am concerned any ethical man or woman willing to embrace the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility should be welcome in our country. Honest individuals who are willing to work to earn a living and are willing to respect the lives, liberty and property of people living in our communities, will strengthen our nation and help us to restore the American Dream.

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I agree. Too bad, this same message, is not passed or read, by the commie's that are in the position of running this country.

I agree with 5WarVet on this one. I say CONgress is exactly that, a CON game, these elected fools will soon find themselves in a serious jam up in 2016, and in 2018 and in 2020 and so on until they are finally all voted out. By then all the illegals converted into legals will find themselves out of the free ride they thought they were getting. They too will join the ranks of those who already know what's going on in D.C. Then they will become one of us in mass unity against the liars in D.C. If amnesty goes as planned, CONgress will have imported their own enemies. Quite a wake up call I'd say.

CONgress cannot be trusted any more, they have sold us out of our Birthrights, and they know all too well what the response will be. I'd say these "immigrants" from poverty would be better off not to even bother immigrating here, as their troubles will only immigrate with them.

It's called pulling a Geographic, and it doesn't work. Their poverty will follow them here, and it will only spread even further until the America we once knew will be devoured by the greed of those who sought out that free ride. If anyone cannot see that scenario playing out here, then they need either a shrink, or they need to get their eye's examined and or both. They are suffering from political and financial short sightedness, and when they wake the hell up, it will be too late for them. Unfortunately I will live to see that day.

Glad to see you like my small piece in this discussion, I just want to wake up those who are still a sleep, most here though are fully awake, there are some times a few trolls here, but they don't last for long. This country IS waking up, and by 2017 the majority will be on top of this matter for once, with many more idea's of what CONgress has stolen from We The People, then the payback will start, for every infraction they make against us, will mean much less for them to steal from us. Pay back is a difficult thing for these fools in Washington to believe could come back to haunt them and their progeny. But it's coming soon enough... Have a nice day all of US!

Come on folks, this is a ridiculous position to start from. Boundaries are, and always have been, regulated by families, tribes, local government, national government, and international government... At least in part to protect their members from external invasions and harm.

Yes, there's infamous reasons for having boundaries, but the bottom line is that a world without boundaries would be unmanageable; given the overpowering human condition of greed among certain individuals! While some boundaries and their respective governments ignore basic human rights, the boundaries of the United States of America are intended to protect the citizens of the United States of America... We have neither the right nor the wherewithal to deal with the rest of the world's problems. Bottom line is that we can do the most for the rest of the world if we take care of our own citizens by providing THEM with every possible opportunity to better their lives.

Unfortunately, vested interests within our own society, including our Congress and president, have failed to institute immigration laws that provides for continued growth of our nation without overtaxing its currently available resources.

But this is a minor irritation and deflection from the basic problem: the government of the United States of America has conned the American people into allowing the government to throw out the Constitution of the United States of America providing for limited government according to the will of the people, and replacing it with an oligarchy that has become totally vested in maintaining its own dictatorial powers over the resources of American citizens. That basic problem has progressed to the point where it is no longer fixable from within the remains of the old constitutional government. Regaining a limited constitutional government under the control of American citizens WILL REQUIRE another American Revolution to this time include all the words of the Declaration of Independence! Political parties don't have the physical forces available; only the Armed Forces of the United States, consisting of American citizens has both the power and the authority to return us to a limited constitutional government focused on providing American citizens with opportunities, not handouts!

The sooner we start educating our young citizens, particularly those within our Armed Forces, as to what their mission must eventually be, and why, the better!


Are the cattle fenced to keep them safe or to control them? The real purpose of government is to control the people.  Governments claim they were created to protect the people because that is the only way the people are willing to give up their freedom.


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