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There is a long overdue issue of whether or not driving a car is a right or a privilege.

In my opinion, it should make absolutely NO difference whether you are walking, driving, flying, hovering, floating, or riding a bike or a beast of burden.

Traveling from place to place by the modes of the day to pursue happiness, should be a right. It should only to be licensed if it involves commercial activity and even then, licenses should never expire once issued.

Licenses to carry concealed weapons don’t expire. Licenses to operate other machinery and equipment don’t expire. In fact, logic would tell you that if it takes a certain proficiency level to obtain a license, then practice makes perfect. No need for renewal or retesting. Any argument that supports license renewal cannot avoid this fact. It’s a TAX, not authorized under the Constitution.

In addition, we need to clarify and quantify in law, exactly what defines a privilege and a right, and the difference between the two. A complete list of privileges should be created so all rights can be separated from them. In addition to that, we need rules concerning the limit of federal power over those privileges and from where they come.

In the Bill of Rights, we have described 14 rights and 18 restrictions, but none of our privileges. Even though privileges are mentioned as needing protection, NOWHERE does it say just exactly what our privileges are.

This leads to things like a license to drive or carry a concealed weapon, etc.

The State controlling normal behavior and normal activity under the umbrella of privileges rather than rights is another open invitation to oppression and tyranny. We may need an Amendment to fix this problem.


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I do believe there is Hope. I am driven to believe this. Why? Because we have history now. Actually, it gives me goose bumps to see how the odds were against our Founding Fathers.  Yet, they didn't focus on the odds, they focused on each mission one at a time. Our Founding Fathers were driven. Their mission of founding a country that would be passed on to their posterity would not be denied. Our mission is to keep what has been won by two hundred years of our brothers, that this was not in vain.

We are faced with a world where countries are actually fighting for SELF-GOVERNMENT. THAT'S RIGHT! However, the media dismisses that as simple ordinary civil strife. If we research on our own and not trust the owned media, we will find that countries such as Egypt and Ukraine are fighting our battle; that we are only awakening too SLEEPY-EYED.

It is said, "eternal vigilance is the price of freedom". I am realizing that what we are experiencing is the result of decades of development from the enemies of democracy and a republic form of government. They have been working in the streets, even nurturing divisiveness. However, they know if the sleeping GIANT is awakened, We the PEOPLE will then turn the tides against them in favor of FREE MEN, once again. This not the time to be discouraged. The Founding Fathers have left us a Blueprint. We need to review our ROOTS once again...Patriots.

Its not anything called government its a corporations right down to a town. Is it incorporated?? Then it is only a corporation. You can refuse or decline offers to corporate contracts. I know I beat my counties treason in icleis planning & zoning


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