Congress has the Constitutional authority to issue $1 Trillion in interest free currency. Congress could distribute this currency to the states based on their population.  A state with 10% of the population of the United States would receive 10% of the trillion dollars or $10 billion while a state with1% of the total population would receive $1 billion dollars.

The states could collectively hire 2 million people at a salary of $50,000 ea./year to fix the nation's infrastructure. Since the money would be created by the U.S. Treasury it would not be borrowed at interest, (usury).

We could finance all projects with money created by Congress with absolutely no debt. The trillion dollars paid out to the workers would be tax free and would provide jobs to practically everyone with time and a desire to work.

Instead of financing college tuition with student loans why not pay our high school students $100,000 for graduating from high school. The graduates have spent 12 years in the classroom and should be compensated.

The students could use the money to further their education or to start their own business.

The parents and not the government would finance the education of our children. When their children graduate, all of the money the parents paid in tuition could be returned to the students.

Here is what thinks about this.

Instead of offering foods stamps to only some of the people, why not have Congress provide everyone with $100 a month in food stamps. Instead of giving to some at the expense of others, why not provide equal benefits to everyone? This is what General Welfare is all about.

While I am not in favor of the government giving anything to anybody, the purpose of this post is to get people to think outside of the box.

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According to the Grace Commission Report all of the money collect by the IRS goes to the pay the interest on the national debt.

The financial system is about to have a major "correction" that won't be fun if we continue to do nothing...

Our Represenatives and Government officials have failed to uphold their oath to keep their Watch in the Promoting the General Welfare of the country stated in the Constitution. They should be Impeached. However, we have a Supreme Court that has sold out on the American People as well.

Income tax is the fee we pay to the Federal Reserve for the privilege of using their money  If Congress were to issue our money as mandated in the Constitution, money could be created without debt. If we eliminated debt we would also eliminate the need to impose a tax to pay the interest on the National debt.

General welfare = a well regulated malitia

Where is my M-4, training and ammo?


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