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If you establish a set of rules for your children to obey, your children are subject to your rules and it is not for them to interpret the meaning of the rules or to discipline themselves.

The Constitution for the United States of America was supposed to be the rules written by the representatives of the people to limit the power of the government. Clearly those who wrote the Constitution did not intend on having the government interpret the Constitution without balancing the authority with Three Branches of equal power, nor did they believe that the government would have the capacity to discipline themselves if the seats were filled with dishonor.

The document written in 1787 was The Constitution for the United States, but sometime after the Civil War this document mysteriously became the Constitution of the UNITED STATES. Instead of being a document to control the government, it became a document of Incorporation, which gave the government the power to control the people by incorporating every single "person" in America, with the fraudulent passing of the 14th Amendment and an even more fraudulent First Paragraph, wherein:

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."

A set of rules for your children is one thing and the set of rules of your children has an entirely different set of meanings.

Allowing our children to write, interpret and enforce the rules that govern themselves would be like hiring Jack the Ripper to supervise the girl's dormitory. The three branches of government are like our children and if we don't hold them accountable they will do whatever they want. They have no honor.

The names of corporations are always capitalized, as well as the names of ships and dead people. The United States is not capitalized in the organic Constitution, but became capitalized after the Civil War?


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because Lincoln destroyed the intent of the Constitution for his own evil agenda!!!!!

Bob, would you elaborate on that please?

Lincoln violated states' rights to empower the federal government as the ultimate authority, which it was not supposed to be. the citizen then the states with the federal government as the last authority is what the founders designed. Lincoln wanted his will to be the ultimate authority which was not what the founders desired!!!!!

You are 100% right.

The South was rich in cotton, and other products that could not be grown in the North. The Yankees" wanted to charge huge tariffs, etc. (Maybe you can fill in the gaps for us)

Itt was explained to me Junior High and High School tried to fed us it was "All about the slaves".

You probably know more about this than I do and explain what I was told when I was a child.  It just stuck in my heard.

My grandparents told stories that were passed down to them.  Both sets of their parents (and/or has been a very long day) grandparents picked cotton along with the freed slaves when they were children..

I'd appreciate it if you can fill in more information.

see page 3 item #5 "Adjudicating your own cause never has a good outcome."

footnote #10 on page 4 

The only reason the Ohio Supreme Court can get away with dismissing this because their friends ask them to is because NOBODY is speaking up or say anything. 

"Z" was a great warrior but without his friends he couldn't have pulled it off. There is strength in numbers but then numbers aren't there. Therefore, The Ohio Supreme Court OF the people.

corruption and tyranny rule our "government".  I have said plenty but those claiming to represent me say tha people like me are what is wrong with America!!!!!

Here are the Legalities of using all capital letters in communicating in the English Language backed by the Highest Authorities.

The following is a list of links that show There IS such a thing as a Strawman ALL CAPS "person".

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Thanks to  Julian of the family Marquez

  1. What English grammar experts say
  2. What English grammar reference books say

    2.1  Manual on Usage and Style

    2.2  The Elements of Style

    2.3  The American Heritage Book of English Usage

    2.4  New Oxford Dictionary of English

    2.5  U.S. Government Style Manual

    2.6  Grammar, Punctuation, and Capitalization

    2.7  Review's Manual on Usage and Style

    2.8  Oran's Dictionary of the Law

    2.9  Merriam Webster's Dictionary of Law

  3. Assumption of a Legal Fiction
  4. The Legalities of All-Capital Letter Names
  5. Executive Orders and Directives
  6. Lincoln Established Executive Orders
  7. The Abolition of the English and American Common Law
  8. Applying it all to Current "laws"
  9. Oklahoma Statutes
  10. "Legal" Definition
  11. American Jurisprudence
  12. The Present Situation in America
  13. Legal or Lawful?
  14. Executive Orders Rule the Land
  15. The Federal Registry is an Executive Function
  16. How debt is assumed by legal fictions
  17. The Birth Certificate
  18. Duhaime's Law Dictionary
  19. The various bankruptcies
  20. All Caps Legal Person vs. the Lawful Being
  21. Your Strawman is a "GOVERNMNENT AGENCY":  See the Government's Own ...

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I am of the understanding that we have two Constitutions. The first one is the 1787 version. The second is when the UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN INC. was secretly created. Each has similar constitutions except the words "for" and "of" were switched.

These are two completely different parallel entities. We think we are living in the first one, except we are not. When we go to court or when Congress makes laws, it's the second one that is happening.

The President and Congress ARE on the Board of Directors of the USA INC.. When we pay taxes, it's for unknowingly being a 14th Amendment, U.S. citizen (lowercase c) in the USA INC., NOT for paying taxes to the first united States of America that has sovereign states and American Citizens that created the inferior federal government.

Americans are traversing between parallel universes and they don't even realize it. Complaining about honoring the constitution is futile. Which one? At any given time most don't know which one we are in. I have a difficult time keeping them straight.

I have never heard of that.  Can you verify that?


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