Blaming illegal aliens for accepting the benefits offered to them by Congress is like blaming a child for accepting FREE candy.

Congress is to blame for providing the candy and we are to  blame for allowing Congress to finance the insanity. The voters who keep electing crooked politicians and lawyers ar getting what they deserve.

If you want to solve the problem stop allowing Congress to give to some while stealing from others. The Constitution states in the Preamble "Provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare" . It said nothing about providing benefits to specific groups.

Before our Constitution was written men and women had the God given right to live anywhere they wanted. Our government passed immigration laws which trumped the natural rights of men and women to live where they wanted. Are the laws passed by legislatures superior to the laws of God?

If we provided the immigrants with an opportunity and stopped providing them with a financial incentive to come to the United States, the problems would disappear.

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Wow Robert, go get your pillowcase and burning cross.  May God help you.

Already have one. They were the patriots that tried to save our nation.

Try cleaning your own toilet once in a while Christine, maybe you'll feel you've accomplished something ...if working in the fields is unbecoming to you, then you are all the words you find offensive.

Fair Tax is UNconstitutional and continues to fund the police state. Go to and read all about it.

Actually, Nicholas, the FairTax is the only tax proposal in Congress that IS constitutional. Even the economists and lobbyists (i.e. lawyers) who are paid to support the progressive income tax or flat income tax don't deny that the FairTax is constitutional. In fact, when they are questioned on the constitutionality of the FairTax, they try to change the subject, because they know that if they don't, the next question will be about the constitutionality of their plan, which is a question that they can't answer truthfully and keep their high-paying jobs.

Those people over at devvy are just a bunch of novices in the political arena, who hate the Fed (with just cause, I'll admit), but who have not yet figured out that taxes and spending are two different issues. If the Fed were to magically disappear tomorrow, it would not stop the congressional spending spree. They would just borrow more money. Without the Fed, it would be a little more difficult. But we're talking about career politicians here. I've been involved in politics since before I could vote. I've been involved in the upper echelons of several big political campaigns, including one gubernatorial race and I have advised on others. I've known the candidates and their senior staff. These people live and breath power. To them, the Fed is only a tool. But there are many other ways to achieve the same end, albeit, with a little more effort.

Sure, we need to get rid of the Fed. But we will still have an $18 trillion debt that still has to be paid off. That requires taxes and the FairTax is the only constitutional method that exists in the form of a bill in Congress. If you can get a member of Congress to introduce a bill that will tax the states and leave it up to the states how to collect taxes, then I would probably support such a bill, too, depending on how it's written and the economic viability of the plan. In other words, such a bill would require economic peer review, like the FairTax, to show that the numbers work. But alas, such a bill does not exist in Congress. That leaves the FairTax as the only constitutional tax plan in Congress. Fortunately, it was designed by economists, who were given a free-hand, rather than by politicians, who are trying to increase their own power and as such, it positively addresses a lot of issues with the income tax and some that are not directly related to taxes.

There is some truth to this. But if you lived without employment on the murderous streets of Honduras would you still try to get to the USA even if there were no welfare programs? I sure would......

Up to THEM to fix THEIR country, not run away from it. Now they're just screwing up ours, and their country still sucks. TFB- we have immigration laws for a reason, and if I were a LEGAL immigrant, I think I would be so pissed at the illegals I couldn't see straight.

They should fix their countries, no doubt. Was just pointing out that these people are not just coming here for "handouts"....

When Obama got into office the first time, there were 25,000 people working towards coming here THE RIGHT WAY...the Legal Way.  They were ignored.  These ARE the kind of people who would be welcomed here.

Yes, if they like The USA they can follow by example of our Founders ...BUT, that's nearly impossible to do in close proximity to tyranny, especially on so called "their" land The USA must lead by example in assisting We The People everywhere.

Are the laws passed by legislatures superior to the laws of God?

The answer to any thinking individual is "no". But we're talking about politicians here...the same rules don't apply. Don't think so? Just ask them...

Governments derive their power from the consent of the governed. The only power our government officials have is the power we delegate to them. We have the right and the duty to hold them accountable and if we don't, we have no one to blame but ourselves.


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