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I was just watching an interesting series called "Hunting Hitler", it has a lot of information. I don't take it too serious, but could be true and it looks like this video may be made with clips from the series.

I have read a lot about Hitler's life in South America. The articles claim that the US government was aware that Hitler was alive in South America. 

Wherever Hitler ended up, I GUARANTEE he's dead today. That's all I need to know...that he's roasting in hell for eternity.

Something just as we are confused about Osama Bin Laden 

Mark Barnes,  There is a book called "Searching for Hitler" wherein it describes the actions of a "Dr. Adolph Puch" , an alleged impersonation undertaken by Hitler in Indonesia. Noteworthy is the suggestion that Obama is his son or close relative. It has been commented by readers of the book that a fellow depicted in a Picture that is in the book "Looks remarkably like the US President Obama". Obama was raised in Indonesia.

Ohh come on now! You're not going to fall for this nonsense are you? Yes I saw the video regarding this fiasco with the group of specialists who took a personal interest in this and came up with nothing! Stop going to the janitor's closet and playing the game of hide the weenie! By the way, I had coffee with Dear Herr Adolf at Starbuck's and discussed how post war Europe would look like after the Nazi victory. I can't believe that after seventy years after the great war morons are still debating the whereabouts of war criminals and other psychopaths still running around. If I'm not mistaken, in 1945 Hitler was fifty-six years old and not in good health, ask his doctor, Herr Morell who was keeping dear ole Adolf propped up with a concoction of drugs to continue to make public appearances. America is on the brink of an imminent collapse and people want to discuss the escape of a toothbrush mustachioed maniac! Good Lord! Hail Caesar!

Robert Laity-

What a horrible thought that Obama could possibly be related to Hitler. And I thought I didn't need any other reasons to hate Obama. Who knew?

They hated Cromwell because he was of the middle-class. But he eliminated political and religious corruption. Then they eliminated him in several pieces. That's why they still hate Hitler and Andrew Jackson. Don't be a war hero, middle class and fight corruption.

the theory of hitler escaping Germany and hiding out in south America has been batted around since the end of WW2. the FBI ended their south American investigation on hitler in the 1970's...yet the evidence of absolute proof on hitler and what exactly happened to him in the final days of berlin falling to the Russians is as controversial as anything else. this is probably one mystery that will never be completely solved.

In a few decades we'll be saying the same thing about Bin Laden...   I expected that to happen as soon as our liar in chief refused to show photos of the body. 

My advice is not to take any of these theories too seriously.


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