Ask the arresting officer, am I under arrest? Am I free to go? The officer will likely say that you are not under arrest, but you are being detained. Say "Officer if I am not free to leave, If I am not free to leave must be subject to a custodial arrest. That being the case I evoke my right to remain silent and to secure the services of legal council. 

 When the officer asks for you driver's license, registration and proof of insurance ask the officer if these documents could be used as evidence against me in a court of law? Ask him if he plans to deprive  me of my constitutional rights? 

 If you provide the officer with the documents requested you will be waiving your fourth and fifth amendment rights. You have a right to remain silent and you are not required to provide evidence that can be used against you in a court of law.

The officer can not lawfully obtain the information he requests without first violating the rights guaranteed to you in the Bill of Rights. It is a felony for a public official to violate your Civil Rights.

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In today's world Ernie? They advertise one on TV called "The Dash Cam". You can buy 'em now. Mount it up and off you go. Live streaming if you wish. Get four of 'em. Mount one on every side. And who says every cop is going to be ignorant? Also Check THIS out.

With all due respect to Mr. Craig, we tried this formula here in North Carolina. It is not clear whether these law enforcement officers have completed high school but this does not work. The officer is not there to engage in a formal diplomatic discussion with the driver. All they want is for one to produce the license, registration and proof of insurance, nothing more! Unfortunately the officers do not understand constitutional rights either. I choose to give them what they want and be on my way to take this matter before a lawful court (pardon if I chuckle on this one)!

I personally do not claim civil rights since these are actual privileges that have been given to people by Congress in the 1965 Civil Rights Act. These are for black people or should I say African Americans who to this day don't know who the hell they are! These are civil privileges for disenfranchised people who continually operate in a diminished capacity! When one tries to have an intelligent conversation with the officer who has limited patience the matter will get worse and then the force continuum will kick in when the hapless victim will be at the end of a night stick. End of conversation folks! How can one subscribe to constitutional protection when the very same system who has pledged an oath continues to ignore? Figure that one out. Enough said. Hail Caesar!


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