I am not a sovereign and neither are you. We were all endowed by our Creator with the same rights and responsibilities. God who is the Creator is the only sovereign and none of us has authority or jurisdiction over anyone else.

God wrote the laws that govern the universe and the founders of our nation referred to them as the "Laws of Nature and Nature's God". The rules written by legislatures are inferior to the Laws of God. When the laws of men conflict with the laws of God the laws of God take precedent.

I have a right to do whatever I want as long as I do not violate the life, liberty or property of another human. Whenever an individual violates the rights of another they have committed a crime. No crime can be committed unless there is a victim, (Corpus Delecti). The only people who should ever be in prison are those who injure another being, human or not. If you abuse life, you should be punished. You should not be incarcerated or have your property seized for "Code Violations" or "Traffic Infractions", etc.

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Daniel, I agree that the Constitution for the United States of America 1787 is one of four (4) organic laws. Under this very Constitution, we are also under the control of the Crown and the Vatican due to the Definitive Treaty of Peace of 1783 a.k.a. The Treaty of Paris 1783 to where the King of England (Crown) is Arch-Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire (Vatican) and The United States of America.

[In the name of the most holy and undivided Trinity.

It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the hearts of the most serene and most potent Prince George the Third, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, arch-treasurer and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc., and of the United States of America]

This is a huge problem to where we are tied to this via Article VI, Clause 2, IE: "This Constitution and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof, and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land;

We've been duped, people!

Most people have no idea about how badly we have been duped. Below are links to an excellent article from tools for freedom. it is long and it covers just about everything.

Everything is Fake-Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World – Part 1





I agree. with everything is fake.  BUT... God is not fake.  You know how I know?  I am alive and walking and no doctor understands how.

I feel his spirit, he talks to me and teaches me.  He is the still small voice that gently speaks to me.

I am a woman made after the image of my Creator, My Lord.  My spirit needs his spirit.

I think more than we have been duped is, we have many out there spinning the facts with just enough of the truth to make it seem plausible.

We must figure it out for ourselves, and not take the word of another.  That is the only way you can ever really know for sure.

I do however know that politicians lie to us continually, the news is fake, I never believed for a minute they landed on the moon and many said I was being ridiculous.  Now we know it was fake.

I thought it out for myself, even though no one agreed with me, I stuck to what I understood and did not let others sway me with convincing words.

The Bible says the Angels stood at the four corners of the earth, but all science tells us the world is round.  Guess what?  It isnt round..  How many people believe the world is round?  nearly everybody.  If everyone jumps off a cliff are you going to do the same?

We have been programmed by our public education, to accept the herd mentality. 

Dare to be who God made you.  Unique and equipped with the most magnificent ability to think and understand, so that you have no need that any man teach you anything.  You must have a relationship with the Father to be led by his spirit.. .

I agree Brenda,

The only thing that can be believed is the Bible. Some have tried to make us believe that it was changed, but that is not true as proved by the dead sea scrolls and the finding of other writings that prove its authenticity.

Unfortunately, some things were left out of the Bible and the new testament that should not have been in my opinion, such as what is considered to be the oldest written book of Enoch.

Many people are not aware that the Septuagint is what was studied by those whose writings are in the bible.

we were sent here to learn good from evil,  to separate ourselves from our fallacies and use God to strengthen our resolve in that goodness to  others in compassion and love,  to ourselves a road following the foot steps of our maker.so that one day we could stand on the right hand of God.

 many paths lead us unto many directions But only through asking  may we acquire out true path "ask and ye shall receive"


Thanks for including this extremely important information. I'm still having difficulty getting my "mental arms" around it, and the fact that it has endured in its present form for as long as it has. With God's grace, we will have the opportunity to not repeat it.

I don't agree.  Does signing a treaty with another nation bind you to whatever king they have, and oblige you to adopt him as your king?  No sovereign does that.  Does it determine who you call your God or who you worship?  That would be absurd. 

Lets make a treaty to not fight between you and I.  Does every word you choose to include within the treaty bind me to every word?  I think only the meeting of the minds, on the particular issue at hand, is what I would be bound to.  In that day, in that place, The Catholic Religion was the most prominent.  There are too many records of our founders always referring to the Creator, not the Pope or his holiness or whatever they called themselves.

But even David called Saul My Lord.

so why do cops lie, kill Dogs n Ppl

Peter John,  Remember, cops and all those who subscribe to the unlawful oath of office are fictional, corporate foreign agent occupiers.  These foreign agents, via their own words, laws, codes, statutes, edicts, congressional acts, etc. have deemed all US citizens as enemy combatants which equates to them deeming each and every US citizen to be their enemy in war as specified in their Emergency Banking Act of 1933. Yes, some of us have expatriated from their criminal and unlawful venue, standing, and law form however, they always presume all people to be under contract with them and attempt to intimidate such at the point of a gun and forcing those to prove their expatriation. 

EVIDENCE: Oath of Office Title 5 USC 331, 332, 333 backed up by Title 22 CFR Foreign Relations 92.12 - 92.31 and Title 8 USC, section 1481 the public official relinquishes his national citizenship and are thus foreign agents as stipulated under Title 22 USC, chapter 11, section 611, loss of national citizenship.  Public officials are no longer US citizens but rather are foreign agents and must register as such.

I challenge anyone to show me a true document in law titled "The Constitution of the United States"  It is this title to which these foreign agent's subscribe to which is total fraud due to such a document never existing in law.  Could this be their de-plausible deniability? 


I respectfully disagree Keith,

We are made in God's Image. Exactly like Him in every way, even as far as being able to become creators of life ourselves. Procreation: Translation = In favor of or tending to the ability to create another human from scratch.

We are given everything we need to perform as Sovereigns designed in to ourselves. This is the main reason we know we have to exhibit Personal Responsibility and rely on self policing and self determination. We most definitely ARE Sovereign over the Kingdom of ourselves, which, when you give it due thought, is the most important and inviolate right we can possess.

The nobility to help others when they are down is the same forgiveness God shows us, even when we don't deserve it. It is this transferring or handing down of all of God's Identity and capabilities that is the ultimate goal for us. And these abilities are necessary if we are going to carry the responsibility of being "Made in His Image". To do it, we MUST be Sovereign. Nothing short of that is acceptable as even a starting point. We start out relying on others and we finish that way. In between we are SOVEREIGN.


Morton, you said it much better than I.


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