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The Straw that Broke America's Back

This has got to be the "Last Straw" as it were.

Obummer is about to go over the line. As far as I'm concerned, this guy isn't even an NBC, (Natural Born Citizen), so how is he still President? He belongs in jail as a treasonous traitor to this country and freedom in general. He is by no means the only one doing harm to this nation. He is simply the one highest up on the ladder. The one with the most notoriety.

He has most recently normalized relations with Cuba, (a Communist Nation State) and now is about to authorize $100,000,000,000 to go to the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran!

Yea, that's the right number; $100 Billion, with a B; and it's all borrowed money. Imagine what that kind of money could do here in this country. Especially if we didn't have to borrow it from the "Banksters". That's a cross between Bankers and Gangsters for you unwashed masses out there. There is absolutely NO authority for this action by the Impostor-In-Chief. It's time for Federal Marshals to roll in and start Marching these impostors off to jail where they belong. And to hell with being protected against such action while in session. We have NO obligation to honor the Constitution that "They" ignore.

I don't speak for anyone else, but I personally will no longer tolerate this kind of CRAP! It's time to rise up and start taking these people to jail where they belong. I have not seen one single candidate for President even touch the surface of the REAL issues that matter, like eliminating all the alphabet soup of federal agencies or repealing a single Amendment, or the original/missing Thirteenth Amendment, or the incorporation of this country in 1871. And the list goes on of things NO ONE in Congress is willing to address.

It's time folks. Any suggestions? Comments? Ideas? Actions?

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We have the guns of truth, but lack the ammunition ($)  Keith has encouraged people to join the crowd funding campaign.  I believe it will work.  I have seen good results.  But it might well be too little too late.  The best place we can be right now is on our knees seeking undeserved mercy from above.

2 Chronicles 7:14  "if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear them from Heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land"  NKJ version.  People, there is the answer plain as day.  When God told Lot He was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah Lot asked for mercy and God said if Lot could find 5 righteous men He would relent and not destroy them.  But Lot could not find 5 and the rest is history.  I don't know how many American Christians it would take but I will ask.  I have been praying for this nation but have never directly asked God how many righteous "men" it would take for him to give us back the nation we once had but I will begin that on a daily basis starting this evening.  When I have an answer I will share it in a blog article at:

one thing I know is that God is the answer, that by turning to God we can have the nation we want but so many are deceived it seems a remote chance but I put my faith in God and my savior, Jesus!!!!!

Well, maybe we should stop only talking about arresting and persecuting these fictional foreign agent occupiers who are even in total breach of the unlawful oath of office they have taken.  

Since many deem they are no longer tolerant of this crap, why not finally do something about it by starting all further discussions via blog postings, emails, conference calls, and demonstrations pertaining on how we are going to assist a court of record ruling under the law of necessity via lawful civil authority via the lawful foundation presented to the people by the gentlemen of West Virginia? 

What Thomas David House of Deegan has brilliantly done in West Virginia has never been performed with such thorough, proper, and lawful presentations in filings before and is the prime example of what the militia of the people were designed to protect via enforcement yet crickets just keep on a chirping after continued and vehement calls for enforcement action nationwide. "roll eyes"

What more do you people want in regards to a lawful foundation to act? Don't just go by what I say, please listen to the recording below and you decide whether or not to get off the couch or out from under the keyboard and make contact via email to:

A bottom up change through the courts is not possible, their boss is always top down, and that's the fed …we have two options left, risk waiting for D. Trump (or some other candidate acceptable to We The People) to win, but if he loses it may be too late to act even if we are well organized ...or organize into Committees of Safety and militias like the founders intended, before that last and most important option is taken from us -and take our country back or at the very least make sure D. Trump wins.

trump is one of the NWO billionaires talking a good line to fool people into installing another oligarch head.  I think it is already too late for a peaceful resolution as they will not give up their power willingly.  I hope and pray I am wrong!!!!!

There are three kinds or rich; those that work with the worker, those that take and steal from the worker (including taxation) and those that live on donations, pandering and deception, their vast majority is in the latter two categories ...most if not all signs point to Trump being of the first category.

Right on Bob, he is a liberal and is just causing a distraction to help his friend Hillery.

Silence is golden only from the fictional foreign agent occupiers purporting to be lawful government at this point however, silence from the people when such proper, lawful actions have created a lawful foundation to take lawful action when such is realized is an outright abomination and the terrible consequences which transpire from here on out due to such silence will be deserved.

We need Constitutionally sounded and minded individuals and state's reps to sound off this shit for this corruption to be stopped...

Lawyers too.

Daniel,  All who have taken an oath are foreign agents who's oath they have taken is unlawful in law.  These fictional, corporate foreign agent occupiers purporting to be lawful government have deemed all US citizens as enemy belligerents occupying conquered territory under martial rule (not to be confused with martial law). These are not my words, these are their words as specified by them on paper via the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933 a.k.a. The War Powers Act of 1933. 

Please read this for absolute verification and not just take my word for it:


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