The slaves of 18th and 19th century knew who they were. They worked 365 days a year on a plantation and everything they produced became the property of their owners. Everyone thinks that the 13th Amendment prohibited slavery and involuntary servitude, but the truth of the matter is that we are all slaves on a modern day Federal plantation.

The owners of the plantations stole 100% of the labor of their slaves. Today Americans are forced to work the first 114 days of the year to raise the money to pay the taxes the government claims they owe. Instead of paying 100% tax on that which we produce, we only pay half of what we earn in the form of taxes on incomes.

According to the Constitution the government cannot tax our labor. Lawful taxes must be indirect and apportioned to the states according to their populations. The current tax system we have in the United States today is a form of legalized extortion.

Tax Freedom Day for 2017 is April 24th. This means that an American tax payer (taxpayer?), must work the first 114 days of the year for the government in order to pay their taxes.

During that period of time, he is "subjected" to involuntary servitude. The 13th Amendment only allows for involuntary servitude when an individual has been convicted of a crime.

Obviously, the amendment was written to protect the God given rights of the people, but the misapplication of the law has made it possible for the Federal government to confiscate the fruits of our labor.

Article of Amendment the 13th -

"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

According to the 13th Amendment a man cannot be incarcerated unless he has been convicted of a crime. Have Cliven Bundy and his sons, been convicted of a crime? Let's take a look at what has transpired.

  • They have been accused of crimes, but have not been convicted.
  • They have been held against their will and been denied bail.
  • They have endured cruel and unusual punishment and;
  • They have been both mentally and physically abused.

Why has the Supreme Court not stepped forward and demanded their release? This is just another example of the Supreme Court Justices failing to honor their Oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

The Supreme Court ruled in the Dred Scott case that the defendant was not a human being and that he had no rights. The Supreme Court ruled that he was property; just like a horse or a cow.

IMHO, collectively, the Justices on the Supreme Court are dumber than a box of rocks. This is a perfect example of why this website and others like it, not only exist, but are increasing in popularity and number.

Support the Constitution Club

Keith  Broaders
1000 S. Gilbert Street #54
Hemet, CA 92543 

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There are two descriptions of one who pays taxes. Those being;

  1. Taxpayer, and;
  2. Tax Payer

Which one are we talking about? Only ONE of those descriptions is in the dictionary. The other one can be found in the Tax Code ONLY!

Can you guess which one is which?


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