Well now it CANNOT be denied. Our government is in Default. You must see this.

Watch This Video - The Whole Thing

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I have watched this video several times since it was first produced. The title does not describe its message to do it justice. I keep attempting to find the most important segment of the film. There isn't one! It's all relevant as a whole system of deception.

This film was produced quite some time ago. Long before we ever heard of the OBummer administration. There are predictions that have come true. Each warning that materializes gives the message more credibility. Nearly every subject we discuss on these threads can be referenced somewhere in this documentary. And also, since the time of first viewing, haven't we observed more people waking up? Maybe not as fast as we'd like, but it is still increasing.

Morton, I would challege the title you have given this thread. Instead of the IRS being in default, isn't nearly everything in default? What area hasn't been described?

The answer was suggested, how to fix the problem. Are we there yet?
We better be there, it's time to abolish their crap and restore our Constitutional Republic, now!!!

I no longer recognize the federal government as having any authority over me. it is corrupt and evil.. it is time to abolish the dictatorial oligarchy that is the federal government, hang the traitors in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, and start over with what the founders gave us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Having sat through the whole thing, I can say that Aaron Russo has told the truth. This is an example of what can happen when we "fall asleep at the wheel". It is WAY past time to stop this madness, but I don't recommend it for the faint of heart. One must not try to "walk the fence". I have told people before what I think would suffice as solutions to our problem with the evil corruption. Now it is obvious to anyone with a brain that I knew what I was talking about, I have walked the walk, not just talked the talk and it is now time to say in one big voice; in one big movement;

WE WILL NOT COMPLY!                                                  PERIOD!

The current income tax is perfectly constitutional - but not always constitutionally applied.  The current income tax arises under the power of congress to make and impose all 'needful' rules as that power is granted it in Art 4,3,2 over all 14th subjects, territorial citizens, fed possessions and conquered people no longer in rebellion.  These people have always been subject to a labor tax and all sorts of other commercial laws Because They Do Not Have The Rights of people who are only citizens of a state.
As per the 'no law' issue. The states are not delegated the power to regulate the 'private' use of the highways by their true citizens. All drivers licenses today are different classes of commercial licenses and all vehicle codes arise under the commerce section of the state codes.   There are no laws saying the vehicle code applies to private travel.

The tax laws are the same.  The gov creates tax laws and vehicle travel laws under its power to regulate commerce.

Since 14th subjects are not granted via the 14th, the right to own all their own labor or to use the public highways for private travel, the states and fed gov impose the commerce laws upon their private activities → without explaining what they are doing.

While this is a bit dishonest on the part of gov, leading a lot of good people to get themselves in trouble, it is constitutional.  What is not constitutional is to prosecute someone for 'willful failure to comply with the law' because the gov has not made it clear the laws actually apply to private activities and why.

What is absolutely not constitutional is to impose all these laws on white people born in or naturalized by a state. Imposing such laws and the legislative courts that impose such laws upon these whites is an act of war upon them and therefore → Treason - since the judges know the truth.

Now you know why the the attorneys never put a regulation before any legislature to explain which laws apply to whom and why → Because the racial nature of our constitutional system would be exposed for what it is, along with the true fraud the gov has been engaged in for 100 years.  Those in charge know Anarchy would result and the lives of slow judges, prosecutors and most slow attorneys would be forfeit as people of all races would be hot on their heels as they were heading to the Canadian and Mexican borders.

A good many people get it. This income tax thing is a scam. These guys can legislate and Amend to their hearts content, but the bottom line is, "do they have that authority"?

Here's how I see it. They can open any store they wish, but they can't make me shop there! I don't wish to open an account, and they can't make me! Send me all the free offers of credit cards you wish, I'm cutting them up and throwing them away. No I don't want a free toaster either!

If everyone did that, these unwanted "stores" would go bankrupt for lack of customers. No customers, no employees.

Yea Mike, 

But I've been saying that for years. AND DOING IT! I have not had a bank account in many years, I DO NOT use an SSN, I do not have children in Pubic Screwel and I refuse all orders from the Cabal, no matter how insignificant they may seem. If they send me communications, they are rejected and the senders warned of their lack of author-ity. Stop cooperating with these assholes. They are people, and in MY TOWN they are afraid of me, or working their ass off to try(tribunal) and frame me.

Face it, without US:

  1. They have no money
  2. They have no power
  3. They have no laws, only codes
  4. They have no bodies to rule over
  5. They have no constituency


You got it Morton.

But if I sound like a broken record, it's for a purpose. Each time I give my opinion, however I might describe it, some might finally get it. We must admit that it's a daunting task to accept the fact that we've been duped all these decades. I get the resistance of some, because I had doubts too.

It took me way too much time to catch on too. Some old geezer in the 1970s tried to teach me about fiat money, the Federal Reverse, and the IRS back then. Being a polite youngster, I let him ramble on. But I did listen. Over the years, what he said started to make sense with each new piece of information I stumbled upon.

The best information that I have found is in the best seller book "The Creature From Jekyl Island", by G Edward Griffin. The entire subject is a puzzle. One they don't want us to complete. If we see the big picture, they are done! Check the facts in the book and start asking questions. When we get non-answers and threats, THAT is our answer. They have no authority. Funny in a way. I'm the old geezer today.

The best evidence is to inspect how these atrocities have been wiggled through Congress. Lets just inspect how and when they were voted on, and by whom. Then look at how they need to have a sneaky implied contract and signatures to make it all legitimate. They create the trap. That's fraud.

We have a unique opportunity on these threads. We have individuals of varied educational backgrounds and experiences. This site allows all to share and learn. It should be self evident that what we learn should be shared with all that don't get it yet. There is strength in numbers, and our potential numbers are greater than their few agencies. Our collection of facts is much greater than the average person's.

Nobody likes being threatened, and we certainly don't like being stolen from. We know a crook when he steals from us. Doesn't matter how intricate his scam is. That just motivates us further to expose them. If they wish to play games, We should expose their cheating when they try.

The police have been militarized across America, so the gov. has lots of power as long as the FRN remains something that is accepted for trade.

Under the claim that everyone is a 14th subject, codes are the same as laws and their police power, although often unconstitutional in its use, is its authority.

Whether one has a bank account or uses a SSN is irrelevant today because it is the claim they are mere 14th subjects that matters.

I couldn't disagree more Bill,

Not using that number makes their job way harder. Because if they can't track your every transaction and movement, they have little to go on when it comes to even finding you. And, it places your sovereignty in your hands, not theirs. That alone is not enough though. That's why I make several recommendations. Not just THAT one. I call it going Galt. Anyone seen Atlas Shrugged?

Refuse to engage in ANY & ALL of their "systems". Banks, Schools, Insurances, programs, codes, regulations, rules, statutes, agencies and handouts, etc. This is a complete removal of their authority" over you. That's why it DOES ABSOLUTELY make a difference whether you cooperate with their "way" of doing things. We MUST remove ourselves from all of their systems,not just the ones that are convenient,and deny to them ALL of their powers over us.

Freedom is NEVER free. Going Galt is not easy. But then again, nothing worth having ever is.

When it comes to persecution for violation of their rules and codes, all the patriot stuff makes no difference.  The only thing that matters is the presumption that you are a 14th subject.

While it is true that not using credit cards or a bank account keeps them from tracking your every monetary action, it does not protect you from their courts.

Further, if you carry large amounts of cash and they find out, they will simply take it despite that being forbidden even by the 14th.  I use cash for almost everything because it is easier for me to keep my personal records balanced and because I do not want everyone to know every transaction I make.  That, however, does not keep the gov from knowing within a 100 yards every place you go if you carry a cel phone.


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