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Is Building a Wall on Our Southern Border a Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Is Building a Wall on Our Southern Border a Good Idea or bad idea? Please give me your opinion in the comment section below.

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I do not agree with a wall. A wall is the least concern for Americans.
The greatest problem Americans and the rest of the world are facing is the killing of planet earth with radioactivity. This planet is being poisoned by mankind. Unfortunately, man is still in the infancy of his evolution.
Man prefers to live in ignorant bliss rather than getting knowledge from the Creator.

The Earth belongs to the Creator, not man.

Jacques Jaikaran

Go tell that to the Vatican in Rome.

The Pope put us down yet has a wall around them.

Is that hypocritical or what?

I lived in San Ysidro, CA. We need the wall.

A Nation without borders looses it's sovereignty .

ALL nations on planet earth maintains it's borders... DUH!

Hope that answers your question

Very good Idea the Wall should have been up long time ago!!!


A wall might slow the flow of illegals but I doubt that it will have much impact on the flow of illegal drugs. We all know who profits most from drugs and they don't have to be burdened with getting over, under or through a wall.

The real problem is the widely broadcast program for enticing illegals to come here in the first place. Those bent on the destruction of our economy and country [same people who are behind illegal drugs] have made it widely known that illegals can, if they can swim carrying a baby, get all the goodies that can be heaped on them. Take away the goodies and vigorously prosecute illegal activity and, all of the sudden, we won't need any stinking wall.

Someone suggested a mine field with warning signs in various languages ought to be much cheaper and easier to maintain.

Mine field. Good one.

What is built to keep people out...can also be used to keep people in.  Whereas the wall is to be built on the southern border, there remains many other avenues to get out, if ever needed,

What's your point? Is it a good idea or not?

Well maintained State Millitias could patrol them. ???


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