For anyone who thinks that there might be some misleading information floating around about what's going on in the world today...

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I engaged two Muslim graduate students at UCR.  I persisted in asking them whether they would condemn honor killing for conversion from Islam.  They would not.

Thanks Mort  ,  I've developed a real appreciation for pig farmers . I'm recommending every one keeps a side bacon and a bottle of pig blood  and  full magazine of bullets dipped in the same handy ..

Can't we form our own group and kill these Muslims? If we stand together. If we stick up for one another. Then we can do what they do. F*ck this there has to be something we can do.

In 1901 General Pershing executed captured Muslim soldiers in the Philippines with bullets dipped in pigs blood ; taking advantage of a deep religious fear of going straight to Hell among the lunatics . Pigs blood is bad juju among the Muslims ; Carry some with you , sprinkle it liberally everywhere you go . Let them squeal and whine , but let the word get out and they will go .

I use bacon fat in most of my frying Joe. I always have some with me. I love bacon.

Do you ever eat crispy fried bacon and peanut butter on a hard roll ? Elvis's favorite breakfasts and one of mine .

They say that on Friday afternoons the Muslims take over parts of 42nd st in NYC . I'd like to deliver a truckload of bleeding swine to help with their festivities . Know any pig farmer patriots ?

I would highly recommend reading a book called 'Seeking Allah , Finding Jesus'.  It is in the perspective of a converted Islamist and is therefore slightly soft on the islamist views since the author does not want to offend, but in stead he wants to convert Muslims.  I find it might actually, not only enlighten people to the struggles of some Muslims, but also strengthen our own faith in "One true God"   Especially the Father , the Son, and the Holy Spirit (ghost). I found some of the beginning of this book hard to get through, but once involved, I did not want to put it down. Here is an Amazon link;

It is not necessarily the Muslims, it seems to be the upbringing of people in the so called religion of Islam.  Is it a Cult? Does it proclaim the over through of our constitution?  


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