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There are only 6 Corporations, controlling 90% of the mainstream media. Almost all media comes from these sources. In 1983 the media was controlled by 50 companies and now, only six remain. These corporations are owned and operated by individuals who use the media to promote their progressive agenda.
The  billionaires in the United States control what we see and hear on television. They have the power to make or break candidates at their whim.

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The government wants to ban guns, so the media is anxious to write stories which promote that agenda. The media promotes democracy, which Karl Marx stated is a station on the road to socialism. As long as the masses continue to believe the media is telling the truth, we will continue to depart from the principles upon which our nation was founded.
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Those who control the media do not want candidates such as Judge Roy Moore to win a seat in the Senate, so they reported unsubstantiated allegations which tarnished his image. If he was a Democrat, the allegations would likely go unreported.

When Larry Sinclair revealed that he had a homosexual relationship with Barack Obama, the media completely ignored his allegations because if they had acted upon these allegations, it would have seriously damaged Barack's reputation and the media would not allow that to happen.
In fact, Barack Obama was a frequent visitor to Chicago Gay Bars and Bath Houses.  Don't you think that if a similar accusation was made against Donald Trump, the story would be headline news?
The government doesn't want us to be critical thinkers. They simply want us to do what we're told. The Federal government involvement in public education further promotes this idea through indoctrination.
Tyrants have discovered it is much easier to control a man who is sleeping, than one who is wide awake. Don't believe anything you see or hear until you have taken the time to gather evidence for yourself, so you can draw your own conclusions.

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