Dear Sheriff Jon Held,

I am concerned that this message may not have reached you. I am therefore including this Link as a start to encourage you to meet with me such that we may discuss your TRUE responsibility to THE PEOPLE of YOUR COUNTY and not to the Black Robed Bandits and their corporate minions. Do not be a corporate dupe. We are "Alice Through The Looking Glass" at this point and there is no more time for debate. We must meet soon. Also you should no I am Posting this Letter on my discussion forum site called The Constitution Club. Look into this matter quickly and please contact me so we may discuss other information of a most important nature.
Thank You for your time,
Sincerely Hoping,
Morton IX, Clan of William, House of The Son of Thom
ps -YOU IGNORE THIS MESSAGE AT YOUR OWN PERIL! We are not going away and we WILL be heard. You CAN'T stop us and the CABAL will not win. 
DECIDE NOW! Who's side are you on?
The people or the corporatized government Cabal. DECIDE!
Then make an appointment with me by calling me at
(724) XXX-XXXX

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Yes, but not for posting inflammatory rhetoric, but for showing up to defend the Bundys and having the guts to stand up for what's right. To quote.

"I think we can go to our graves knowing we did the right thing and we did our best." - Keith Broaders

most r just govt pieces of shit aka govt serpants living off the bloated govt teat-I wonder how many r trained by mossad r DHS

1st pic is the she bear that kept SCREAMING at me when THEY came to kill my dogs n the lies of a drunken, homeless, unemployed mexican

2nd pic is the STATE's evidence pic of the TALL Grass n Weeds along my road where 8,9  PACK of Pitbulls n Rotties mauled the mexican for 1/2 mile as he used 1 hand to hold his cell phone, other hand held his duffle bag while his other hands pulled up clumps on TALL Grass & Weeds to fend off the DOGS-there was no dogs loose, only the puppies r loose n Nunya, a teen aged GOOF Ball

3rd is 1 of the many chemical assaults by chem pharmers

use utube n watch "pitbull mauls" a guy in a small area with a massive pool of blood

ND Supreme Kort refuses to release the alleged decision on the void warrant

I filed a verified torture complaint if Federal Kort, on what was done to me in the county gaol-judge refuses to allow the suit to proceed

I had filed a Writ of Habeas from the county jail July 2013, sheriff wild refused to have it filed, I found it Jan 11, 2016 in the discovery file n called the ND Court Admin, then filed & it was DENIED as moot by judge fontaine, who I had RECUSED on my Post Conviction Petition as BIASED, filed appeal n the ND Sup says a writ is non appealable. The alleged hearing on my writ-there was no Notice Nor Right toBE Heard

All based on a Mexicans lies that  just happened toBE living at the chem pharmers house in Warsaw ND & was walking to the other chem pharmers farm

No pack of dogs loose

no tall grass nor weeds            n other lies

See Occums Razor, when the STATE has to inject too many lies to a given set of facts, non of them r true as the most simple explanation is the Truth


Interesting, for sure!

OFF TOPIC, for sure!

I sincerely hope things are better for you, now... for sure!

Everything counts...

My opinion...Nothing is off topic.

Thank you for commenting.  Have you deeper interests in dealing with reality?

Actually, Arnie... I applaud Morton, for his "Notice Delivered",

but we both know this situation requires more than applause.

It requires serious action, does it not?

Right now, I am willing to donate what I can, to assist the legal fund and

the families of those involved, but unless this country awakens to the threat, that we all face... What?

Overt action leads to sure martyrdom and Davey Crockett, I am not.

I suggest educate and organize.

Isn't that what The Constitution Club is about?

Thanks Fred, but;

Many of us here and even elsewhere, have come to the inevitable conclusion that the time for words is long past, but we are organized into a group of like minded people, action or words.

Right now I am taking action to educate and inform, while making it abundantly clear that life as they know it is about to do a full 180 degree turn and a new paradigm shift is at hand. Meaning that I will not accept no for an answer.

You're either part of the solution or you're part of the problem.

We are on the same page, Morton. I think the vast majority of us that I read here are striving to be part of the solution.

Many of us are military veterans, but few with the health and strength they possessed when they could actually walk the talk.

You are absolutely correct about the paradigm shift being, "at hand".

When the markets crumble and the dollar dissolves, who picks up the pieces?

The Socialists, The Military,The Banksters, or the Lovers of Liberty, Free Markets and Property Rights?

How do we position for our desired outcome?

Nice of you to raise the question...


FBI Director Comey: Taking money under false pretenses…? A little s...

For those more advanced...they may consider this...that follows:

Why waste the time and effort?

Anna von Reitz: This is true– what Arnie says about The Constitution.

We do have the right...if we can manage to demonstrate the courage...

it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it!

"How do we position for our desired outcome?"

Answer? We don't.

"They" won't let us have what we desire; to be left alone and insure our own right to "Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness".

  • We desire for them to simply get up, walk out the door and never come back.
  • We desire for them to simply do their job, follow their own rule book, be honest and KEEP THEIR OATH!
  • We just want them to be everything they're asking US to be. Good Americans!

And "They" are NEVER going to let that happen. We must take our freedom back from them. By force if necessary. Because "they" will never give up their power.

That's where your Sheriff comes in.

There are over 3000 Sheriffs to contact, but there are over 4000 of us right here at the Club.

Everyone take one county. I got West-more-land County, upon the Pennsylvania Republic Land.

Excuse me Mort...

The items of discussion here seem to be missing the point.  Lawfully, by their actions as employees, they have made the choice to violate their oath.  That is not a lawful option while they are also accepting compensation from the public trust. 

  • That is insubordination.
  • As I see the matter, this in act that would be taken as a voluntary resignation.

Just my opinion and conclusion after 7 years of researching these activities in an attempt to figure it out, the American people have been deceived and defrauded from the beginning of the "American Experiment."  It appears we have always been nothing more than a British Colony.  One that operated much like one of those reality games. 

Confronted with this reality so many times I went ahead and documented the concept as it seemed to unfold for me.  Of may see things differently and that is OK with me. 

Why waste the time and effort?

Under normal circumstances, I suspect we would not have ever figured it out.  However the Internet has provided a double edged sword of an environment where the black hats were enabled to replace a fraudulent monetary system with an even more corrupt monetary system without a physical need for anything more than credit card points, 

But the other edge of the sword provided un-imagined resources for the common, ordinary man and woman as well as child, to figure out what was really going on.

Some folks on the Internet are using this position to directly profit by this system at the continued expense of those too ignorant or too lazy to bother to investigate.  Others are providing the data for someone with average intelligence to equip themselves with the truth and therefore contemplate a plan of action as they are personally motivated.

The bottom line for me personally was to learn about---not too long ago---sovereignty.  Now I am equipped to understand my real role in society.  In my case, I have accepted the responsibility that goes with being a sovereign,  It seems to me this is really the first step all real Americans might wish to explore.  My take is expressed at the following link for anyone who might be interested:  Sovereignty!

Keep in mind I am a nobody; just one of the people.  And I don't contend I understand it all, but I believe I do understand enough to at least begin to seriously ask the right questions and take the right steps to begin to fix the problem that we as Americans face.

As a result---I am open to address or discuss these points 24/7.  I cheerfully welcome any questions comments or criticisms from anyone for any reasons.  With rare exception I make myself available 24/7.



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