This is a good place to start if one wishes to find out the true nature of their respective "citizenship". I think this letter will go unanswered. (properly that is). What do you think will happen?

Dear Social Security Administrator,

I have questions regarding the Social Security Administration’s official position on matters of importance.

I cannot make future decisions simply based on MY interpretation of what I think a pamphlet or publication says. Also, I cannot interpret law as I am not a lawyer and as such I require written confirmation directly from you as to the exact stance and beliefs of your office in regard to my questions and as such, a cookie-cutter response of pre-printed sales fliers will not be sufficient as a reply to my questions. I require you adhere to the administration of your duties as director of operations of your particular Social Security Office, and answer my questions individually and in writing.

That is why this letter is addressed to you personally and directly. You are the leader and therefore I must assume, the highest authority on the practices, policies and official “legal” stance on ALL aspects of The SSN and the lawful relationship set up between the SSA and those who fill out and sign an application for an SSN; the SS-5.

As it is a right of the American people to petition their government for redress of ANY grievances, I consider a response to my questions MANDATORY on your part. I will accept nothing less than full cooperation with THIS official request for information on your part. I require this information in order to make legal decisions that very much will affect my future, therefore it is extremely important that I receive accurate information regarding my questions. Your response(s) will be necessary to effect future decisions on my part. That is why a pamphlet or stamped out response will not be sufficient as a proper reply.

As I understand this may be asking for a little extra effort on your part I have prepared the flowing separate page(s) to simply be filled out, copied and returned to me with answers and full U.S. Code and law references included. If the form is incomplete or blank, the answer will be considered to be null and void as a proper reply to a request for information.

I’m sure you believe that most if not all of the questions I have can probably be addressed by a flier or information pamphlet, but that would not be sufficient for the reasons previously stated in regard to my issues;

Including and limited in this request to only these three;

1) Does the signing of an SS-5 document represent a contract between parties in keeping with Hale V. Hinkel U.S. (1906)?

Your Answer:

Yes_________________  or   No_________________

Code reference in support of answer - _________________________


2) If so, does this signature have to be made after the age of responsibility?

Your Answer:

Yes_________________  or   No_________________

Code reference in support of answer - _________________________


3) Is an SS-5 that is signed by a seventeen year old individual legally binding as a contract in perpetuity or otherwise and can the application and participation in the SSA’s Insurance Program be cancelled or reversed?

Your Answer:

Legally binding?

Yes_________________  or   No_________________

Can it be cancelled or reversed?

Yes_________________  or   No_________________

Code reference(s) in support of answer(s) - _________________________


If you are not able for any reason to answer my questions, then please direct this letter to the individual who can answer them, as I do require this information.


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excellent questions, but you are most likely correct when you say that you will never receive a true and honest reply!  Thieves do NOT ever reply in good faith.


Keith,Just an observation. Before sending your request letter you may want to identify question number two. . . i.e. "2)."



Thx Mike,

But this is not Keith's, it's mine.

Morton IX

This should be fun.

You could include a statement that a null or meaningless reply constitutes a breach of your Fiduciary Responsibility as you receive compensation for your required job from the tax payer.  (give a correct statute reference).

A bullet between the eyes has been known to get a bureaucrats attention, though briefly, but oh so satisfying.

Thanks Osceola, That's not bad.

However, such an answer would be worse than that. It would be a violation of their Oath, a 1st Amendment violation and a breach of the public trust. It is grounds for Impeachment against ANY politician who will not Redress our Grievances. Rick Santorum is such a politician. I have proof.

So is RUBIO and JEB.

Also, the VA once refused to finalize a sale of a house which I purchased under VA Mortgage.  I simply, after one year, sent them a registered notice, thank you for the DEFACTO Approval since you have a fiduciary responsibility.

Their response was that they have not approved anything.

My response was, "thank you" that is a very nice response that will be presented to the Judge if need arises.

Their next response was, "Loan Transfer has been Approved" case closed.

All in the words.

Moral is; never trust a Government Employee, and needle the hell out of them.

 I have been kicked off more sites that most people ever join in discussions.

 The NING Engine that permits such sites to be generated quickly have now put a tracking system in place that ties a registrant in their discussion group to the MAC Address (ip string or other – planted ID) on your computer you are using.

 Had some discussion group notes come through a friend in California and he set up an automatic forward to me at a different address to test this theory.

 They still come through as Osceola13 and not to him and his machine information.

 So, NSA is watching all of us.

 I then established a Secure User name and web/email address on UNSEEN.IS (An iceland based group who owes no alliegance to KING OBAMA and his Alpha Hoteller Staff.

Moved a message from a discussion group to that email, clicked to respond, and the AUTO Response was that this is not the computer you generally use.  Is it OK to open and discuss from that computer (or the likes).

Well, Welcome to the NSA Spy World of chitty chitty bang bang gang.

TPN is a well watched site of NSA.


VA has never been interested in me for 35 years after retiring.

Suddenly, I am being summoned to come in for Visits.  Have had a private MEDICARE Doctor since 2001.  Close by Base Doctors were short-handed and most deployed on the PUSH the BUSH Campaign in MUZZIE Land.  I went through age 65 without assistance.  Now I am not welcomed as promised for life in 1961.

Now the bastards want medical information.


Good Luck.


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