The financial elite that control our government, schools and media want us to accept tyranny by tricking us into believing that tyranny is liberty and that  slavery is freedom. They brainwash us by providing us with misinformation so that we are make assumptions support government sponsored tyranny.

Lawyers are trained to lie, cheat and steal for the benefit of the financial elite and they write most of the laws that benefit the few at the expense of the many. They twist the meaning of words to confuse and mislead us.

When we are lied to about the facts it is impossible to draw the appropriate conclusions. We ae taught to trust our leaders and to be obedient. We are taught that it is unpatriotic to question authority and that we must obey even laws that are unjust. We are taught that in order to be safe, we must give up our freedom. We are taught that we must sacrifice our personal rights for the greater good of the greater number.

Benjamin Franklin observed that it is never a good idea to trade your liberty for the illusion of security. We are taught that it is the government's responsibility to take care of us and all we need to do is give up more and more of our freedom.

The government promotes greed, jealousy and hatred. The government was created to protect our rights to prevent the rise of tyranny. It was created to promote freedom, justice and equal opportunity and has become the tool of the financial elite to enslave us.

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Thank you for this topic. I learned a new word the other day, Oligarchy, Please look it up. Our founding fathers warned us about this modern day situation. Lets figure out how to get this under control. Almost every politician inside the beltway is bought and paid for.

The only way to get this under control is to take the power to create all the money, the people use, as interest-bearing debt to the people, away from the banking system. 

The problem is that the people refuse to even discuss how our money system works.  This includes 99% of the people associated with this constitution club.  

The current system has been in place for several generations. I think people are in a comfort zone with it and I feel that any change will cause me to loose ground. This discussion has been around since almost day one and this is what we got.
Are there such people called finance engineers and will the super rich people allow them to do their jobs.


You wrote I think people are in a comfort zone with it. I agree with you. Then you wrote I feel that any change will cause me to loose ground.  I think that is the most honest answer I have very received as a reason why an individuals does not want to look into and address how our money system works. 

It also shows how little you understand how our money system works.  If we allow our money to works the way it works now it will only be a matter of time before most people will suffer from a lower standard of living.   

I agree 100%. I do not know how it works. What is your fix it formula? How do you unwind the Golden Rule?

You start with the 10 commandments

Then you start yanking them out 1 by 1 in a civil common law manner.

You can start with all the fraud first.

Lets start with the breach of the Oath to the Republic under God.

One Country, One Flag. 

What say you?


That would work if we have enough guns and people willing to use them to enforce the finding of the common law court.  That is how the other side enforces their ruling. 



Have you ever heard of the Hag Court?

If our government is tyrannical may be we need to drag them to the Hag court?

Do you have any better idea? I am always open for good suggestion's. Please forward a better idea.

Sounds reasonable. Whats the current penalty for breach of oath.


First off you must understand how the banks get the gold that they rule with.  First no gold is used for money.  Today we use numbers for money and the banks get the numbers they rule with by simply writing them into a borrower’s checking account when the bank make a loan.  All the money we now use is created that way. The bank can only create and loan the principal.  When the interest, the banks charge, is added the debt grows but the money supply does not grow. This make an ever growing spread between the money supply and the debt owed. This is why we see the ever growing debt.  In a few years just the interest on this debt will be greater than the total income of everyone in this nation.  This clearly makes the people debtor slaves to the banking system.

The only way to unwind the so called “Golden Rule” is to take the power to create our medium of exchange (money) as interest being debt and have our money created and spent into circulation as a final payment for work done that benefits the people as a whole, like rebuilding our transportation system.  There can be commerce without a transportation system. 

For more information go to   

Hasn't interest free been brought up before. I'm all about it. I'm just wondering how to go about it. How do we go about getting that wheel built, and get it rolling/


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