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When compared with Rhode Island, California has 9,375,965 people that are not being counted.

For the past five years I have been a strong supporter of former Sheriff Richard Mack. I have long considered him to be a man of integrity and one of the most articulate spokesmen in the patriot community.  I believe that he is a good man, but has recently exercised what I would consider to be very poor judgment. As his friend, I believe that it is important to support him when he is right and to question him when I think he is not. The purpose of this post is not to discredit Sheriff Mack, it is to question the wisdom of his suggestions. I don't think that opinions he promoted are shared with the vast majority of those in the patriot community.

When he suggested that putting women in the front of the line so that they could be sacrificed in order to make the government look bad, I shuttered at what he had said. The strategy he endorsed made all his supporters look like dangerous radicals. I am sure that there were numerous women at the Bundy Ranch who would have suggested that sacrificing Sheriff Mack would have been a better alternative.

When Sheriff Mack made his appeal to the American people to donate money to CSPOA so that he could pay elected officials to come to the Bundy Ranch, I shook my head in disbelief. I met several people at the ranch who came there with virtually no money in their pockets. Unlike some of the politicians who came for photo opportunities, they came at their own expense to support the principles they believed in.

It is my understanding that the Constitutional Sheriff's and Peace Office's Association is a sole proprietorship. All of the funds generated flow into Sheriff Mack's personal checking account. As a sole proprietor he is not required to reveal how much money is being raised or how it is being spent.

I think that Sheriff Mack has done irreparable damage to his image and to his credibility. I can't imagine how any reasonable County Sheriff would want to be associated with the "loose cannon" of the Bundy Ranch.

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Loose lips sink ships....

Some ships sink themselves

First, this is very old news.  Who besides myself was there?  (I hear crickets)  This is just so much bovine excrement.  Sheriff mack did say those words and I heard them.  It was a loose remark to a dumb question.  It was sarcastic and not a bit of truth in it. It would be just like someone asking if you were going shopping and you answering back... Yes and I'm going naked too!  See my point?  I hope so.  Don't fall into the socialist trap.  At no time did anyone, including Sheriff Mack, send anybody to the "front lines."  Those that did, did so on their own accord and a finer, braver group of patriots would be hard to find.  When the gestapo BLM hired guns raised them and pointed them at the protesters, all that did was to harden the resolve of the people.  Not one ounce of fear was shown by anyone.

As for the money, it is anyone's guess how much was raised and who raised it.  If you have proof of wrong doing, show it or sit down and shut up.  It angers me more to see a "friend" drag another's name through the dirt.  Sleep well Judas with that bag of silver under your pillow.  Those of us who were there and not hiding behind our keyboards know the truth.

Unlike Sheriff Mack I was on the front line. Unlike Sheriff mack I don't get paid thousands of dollars to make public appearances

Hey Keith that is too cool....

If the remark was ill advised as you indicated, why hasn't Sheriff Mack admitted his mistake and apologized. I think that when Obama says stupid things we crucify him, but when one of our so called patriots says something stupid we give him a pass. Anyone that understands the meaning of the word hypocrisy should realize the double standard.

When those "loose" statements can be used to ridicule those who were willing to make their commitment to the effort at the ranch, especially by some well respected and recognized in the patriot community, the consequences, not the words, must be judged.

Discredit on all those present, who though with the exception of CSPOA,, had no knowledge of the "strategy", renders anything but but a clear apology, not the effort to side-step, is the only thing that would have resulted in Mack retaining any prestige, at all.

I agree. Whether loose lips or just stupidity, Sheriff Mac words were played on Fox and many people in America think Fox news is next to God. I had many people tell me that they did not support Bundy because any one who would put the women in front for publicity is more like Hamas. There is a big difference between some women going to the front in their passion to make a stand. I would and think nothing of it. But to cast a shadow on these women's bravery is indeed a travesty. Not to mention the harm it did in mainstream America for Bundy's cause.

The following is what I received, which lead to subsequent verification and resulted in my article,

The Bundy Affair - Who Was Not in the Front?


We need your help to dispel a terrible rumor that was started by one of our own.  Sheriff Mack thought it would be a good strategy to put women and children up front in the confrontation between the Bundy family and Federal agents.  Because he said that, it has now become the narrative that the Bundy family actually did do that.  I have had two of the women send me statements that they are trying to get out in order to undo the damage caused by this unfortunate miscalculation on the Sheriff's part.  Please help the ladies right the wrong and send the statements out to everyone you know, asking them to do the same.

Thank you,
Kelly Townsend


As a woman rider on Saturday I can confirm that the statement made was untrue.  In fact it was opposite.  We were told to stay at the rear.  If a shot [was] fired, we were to ride as fast as we could for safety.  The women did not approach the gate until BLM had dispersed and metro had arrived.  These were officers of our community that we knew and trusted, otherwise we would have remained where the Bundy men told us to stay.  The Bundy men are protectors and would not have allowed any harm to come to us.  We were there on our own accord for the freedoms of our children. 
Briana Bundy


To whom it may concern
I would like to put an abrupt stop to the rumor concerning the speculation that women and children were strategically placed at the front of the protest against the BLM on Saturday April 12th.  I was one of 5 women that was horse back that day, and never once was I asked or told to stand at the front of the pack.  The cavalry of horses was stopped by members of the Bundy family that were also riding, before we dropped off the hill into the wash in order to have a prayer.  There, we were asked once we entered the wash to spread into a straight line and stand as a united front.  We were asked to be Christ like and reverent.  We were asked not to taunt or yell obscenities.  As a woman, I chose to stand with the Bundy family.  I chose to ride into that wash, along side my husband and my friends in order to stand for something I believe is right.  And contrary to current rumor, I was instructed that if anything were to go wrong, I was to turn my horse around and get somewhere safe as fast as possible.  I think I can speak for most of the women in that wash on Saturday, when I say that standing along side the Bundy family, not in front of or behind them, but with them, was a choice me made that day and would make again.

Thank you,
Haley Crandall


It always angers me when people say "don't bring up the past" or "that is old news". GRrrrrrrrrr......... That is EXACTLY why past horrendous egregious evil inhuman acts keep on happening. And forgetting is EXACTLY what the TYRANTS want us to do...

History has a way of repeating itself if we don't remember.. Who said that??? Why  do you think we have HIS STORY books?

Because I won't let the criminals in OFFICE escape being held to a higher standard and I want them charged for the crimes they commit and won't let bygones be bygones, I am a target of their retaliation and my parents are paying for it too with their lives.

Least we not forget.......................................

Here is a thought.............. to those who work with me to win my case and get my Dad back with me and the estate restored plus DAMAGES due, I am willing to donate $100,000 to anyone who does.

And this is more important, I know for a FACT and have the EVIDENCE to prove they knowingly and willing committed these crimes and knew what they were doing.

This is the best comment to date...Thank you for clarifying your thoughts on sarcasism as spoken by Sheriff Mack...I can understand how his statement may have been taken out of context...All puns aside!

I am most certainly distressed by this news about Sheriff Mack, and I have no doubt it's not only the truth about what he suggested about putting women in the front of the BLM armed agents with guns drawn, after all you were there in person so you would know. About his CSPOA being a sole proprietor I cannot verify that, how did you prior to saying so herein? Just asking, because if that's true he's paying taxes on the proceeds of his collection of donations. The IRS already has him pegged hard as it is.

I see Lois Lerner has been hit by the House of Rep's with contempt of Congress, so now it's off to the Senate, and then the Special prosecutor who was assigned to this case and unfortunately this person was appointed by Obama, so we can't expect much from this guy due to a conflict of interests.


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