I will turn 70 in December and have experienced health issues this year. I have adult onset diabetes and as a result, my vision has deteriorated significantly. I discovered in July that I had an enlarged prostate and was unable to urinate. A catheter was inserted so that I would be able to empty my bladder.

I had prostate surgery on November 1 and the catheter was removed on the November 17. I am now able to urinate on my own. The good news is I have lost 35 pounds and my blood sugar level is well under control.

I apologize for being inactive on the Constitution Club website, but I am ready to resume my participation.

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Hi Keith,

I can help you with your diabetes problem if you are willing to change your lifestyle and the only cost will be some supplements that you will have to purchase. Diabetes drugs do not work and can cause Alzheimer's. 

I would not charge you anything and I do not sell the supplements you will need.



Send me an email and I will give you my phone number.


Prayers and a continued healthy recovery my dear friend.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  Godspeed always my Patriot friend. DawnMarie

Keith ; Glad , your doing better I hope you will be back soon ?

Keith, So glad you are doing better. A prayer just went up for you.

Prayers to you and family

Hello Keith, it's so good to hear you're on the mend. I also have been occupied with the effects of the diabetes you mentioned and encourage you to take Robert up on his offer. That said, it's great to hear that you've got it under control and I look forward to all your future work on this site. Happy Thanksgiving and be well Keith!


Hey Keith , good news ; the cinnamon works to control the diabetes . A table spoon with a small yogurt can get you of metformin if you're using that ,.

Good news - I went through the Prostrate removal 12 ears ago and know what you are seeing- so take it easy. 

Hello Keith:

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and good weekend. And I wish you a Very Happy Birthday at age 70. I also Wish you a Full and Speedy Recovery after your Prostate Surgery. I wanted to write several times in the near past. But had computer problems... as I couldn't seem to get thru. I have just turned 66 in October this year. Also have the same enlarged prostate problem you have. Have been taking medication to reduce the swelling and have to use a catheter daily. That is minor...as a little over a year ago, I suffered a chest pains shoveling snow off the roof of the house. I just thought I had pulled my chest muscle. Three days later I finally saw the doctor. Went to a small hospital for a stress test that I failed. Ended up in the major medical center near by.. while sitting there filling out forms. I was told I had a Heart Attack. Ended up in the ER, then in the OR. Woke Up in Recovery... Had two angioplasties and two stents put in my heart. One major artery was 95 % blocked and the other 75 % blocked. Has taken over a year recovery and still going thru Cardiology Rehab doing exercises 2x per week. Now I am thinking about the Prostate Issue again.... SO, I understand what you are dealing with... Praying you Recover Fully. Also have run for the 2nd time for N.H. State House of Representatives.. in my Democratic Machine Controlled City.. I ran on the Republican Ticket. Only help I has was getting funding for the campaign signs... I won the primary with 389 votes. The Main Election Nov. 8th, I received 2,353 votes However the local Democrats had over 4,300 votes... Main Problem is we are out numbered over 2:1 here. AND I was a TRUMP Supporter, with TRUMP Signs on top of my own campaign signs at the Polls. Things were difficult running.. too many times I put out my campaign signs only to return within hours and find them taken and Hillary Signs Put in their place ! Then one time I went to my Cardo Workout Appointment, and found some *$$##$ Put a Roofing Bolt into the only good tire on my truck with a screw gun < drill with a bit > between the thread rows of that tie. By the Grace of God, I didn't have a Flat Tire.  I had to replace three tires in order to pass inspection as well as now repair that tire. Well, Now the Election is Over... BUT the Battle is Still being Fought as the Democrats and now the Green Party Candidate don't want to Accept Loosing to President Elect Donald Trump. As well as all the SOROS / Gene Sharp paid protestors and rioters in the Democrat Cities < Sanctuary Cities as well > across the Country. I have written several items which may interest you and the others here if you would allow me to post them. I am more on Facebook than here again due to not being able to sign in and get things working properly with my computer. Was hacked into big time and had to pay almost $ 200 to get the machine rebuilt, new hard drive and new install of windows to replace the corrupted hard drive that was failing and the lock out virus that was on it. Still have problems finding documents and photos recovered as I had Windows 10 installed replacing Windows 7. Comments ? Wishing you and the rest of the Members a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS... Any members here feel free to contact me in N.H. Thanks... ~ Mike Balog.< mbnh.1950@yahoo.com > Sat. Nov.27,2016.


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