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The population of the state of New York in 1790 was approximately 340,000. The state consists of about 30 million acres and in 1787, the 12 wealthiest families owned approximately 75% of all of the land.

The rich white men who owned practically all of the land wanted to create a new government that would protect them from foreign countries and local peasants. The Constitution was not written to protect the rights of the common folks, it was written to protect the interests of the financial elite.

There were over 3 million people living in the United States when we had our first election for President. Only 40,000 people voted in the election. Women, indigenous people, slaves and poor white men were all denied the right to vote. Proving once again that The Constitution was written of, by and for the financial elite, not the PEOPLE!

The Founding Fathers did not want a democracy, they wanted an Aristocracy. And that's what we've got.

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This is not the nice free nation I thought. My family started it so I guess I should not be harsh against them. One member was Chief Justice John Marshall( he was for strong central govt. as our new govt, was very weak). A few were Puritans. I am related also to Pres. Grover Cleveland and Henry Flagler who started Standard Oil and sold out to Rockefeller and developed Florida. Also, its embarrassing, I am related to Jimmy Carter.

Its sad they did not love The Constitution and our Republican form of government; like we do today. Well, most of us, not Obama and Hillary.

I can understand their wanting to protect property as that is something we worry about today with all the taxes. I always thought the main Constitution was awesome, and only some of the amendments bad.

I am president of a local club in Florida called the....... Constitution Club of Tampa Bay. We are on  the f.b. page.

This is a reasonable conclusion. Washington made lots of money off of whiskey, and he was a signer of the constitution.
According to the constitution, the congress has power
"to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the indian tribes"
The american economical elite can have a near or full monopoly on products this way. While tariffs can be very beneficial for the american worker (and I think after boosting our industry we should lay down higher tariffs), it also benefits the american elite.

Holy crap , you've fallen for the lies of the present day elite . How could any of us possibly know what the Founders thought except through the example of what we've been living all our lives . Two hundred years from now any one can say anything about you they want . " By the fruits of their labors you shall know them " , Our nation has been corrupted by some very devious snakes .Who's side are you on Obama/Clinton/Bush or Jefferson ? May the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

And   . It ain't what they did then , it's what we do now . If your not at city hall raising hell about America's oldest enemy , the Muslims being admitted to our country , you're not doing your part .

Your president has just given aid and abetted the enemy in a time of war = treason and every body has there head in the sand .

E-mail your reps now .Go to your town hall ; ask them how many ARE THEY LETTING INTO YOUR TOWN .

We have a hearing with the local Mag and the building inspector tomorrow Joe,

Perhaps I should tell them what you just said, eh?

That is if we decide to go at all.

The 1789 Constitution for the united States of America was written because of "John Dunlap's printed "A DECLARATION". To truly comprehend both look deeply into the Articles from this Constitution. To master ones standing they might want to use U.C.C. to reserve all rights then hold the corporation to Its own policy U.C.C 1-308 then into 1-103 then 3-501 then 3-505 then 3-419 Stay in your own law system hold them to all Law forms.

Read it all and critique my thoughts.

Joseph, this is very good advice, since most of us fail to be proactive about what's going on. More interaction with the folks who "lead" us would definitely give everyone clarity and power to change what's wrong. However, as soon as I commit to doing that very thing,  something in my very busy life interrupts and I am drawn away from doing what you suggest. I need to RAMP UP my resolve!

Except for a few (as always) noblemen The Founders had good intentions, The Declaration of Independence along with The Articles of Confederation prove that.  But good intentions alone do not put food on the table, like donations alone cannot build and maintain a navy.  To get the job done, good intentions must combine with compensation ...intentions with unnatural compensation work against each other, intentions combined with natural compensation work in tandem ...compensation is the driving force, so it prevails.

Oleg...READ "A DECLARATION " Printed by John Dunlap. I have 2 of the 26 in circulation of the 200 printed by John Dunlap on behalf of the Congress.
E-Mail me, and I will send you the pdf.


Eric 970-213-0610
Eric, I will be happy to read the Declaration by John Dunlap, simply scan and post them here, they may also still be googled, e.g. "Dunlap broadsides" (let me know if there's any distinction.
By the way, as I stated in my email to you, not everything on the Declaration of independence do I agree with, for example the following statement: "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed..." ...Implies people are inherently governed by government, the government has powers and society is an institution. The government is supposed to be governed by the people, thus it cannt be given powers, it can only transmit and/or convert powers because it is an institution.

No Spin, here? LMAO! Michael P. is a fan of Democracy, which is majority rule or mob rule, take your pick. He states the obvious to substantiate his predetermined conclusions. His most glaring fault is the same as the majority of leftist promoting, progressive professors/educators found in our universities today, that being the denial that property rights are necessary to individual liberty, without which we are just part of the collective... see Marxism, or even Fascism. Yes our founders were wealthy white men, that were objective enough to pursue their own self-interest and set down a Constitution in keeping with The Declaration Of Independence, that assured us the opportunity to amend that governing document, to fit the needs of an ever changing and more educated electorate, while limiting the power of the government to stifle individual liberty, giving future generations a foundation to grow and improve their station and status in life, which monarchs and dictators never do and Democracy cannot do, unless limited by a just Constitution. We are after all, a Republic!  Lets work together to get it back on track.


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