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Believe it or not, the Federal Government is siting on over one hundred trillions dollars of our money that they extorted from the American people since 1913.

Last year alone the Federal government had a budget deficit of over a trillion dollars and had to borrow from the funds necessary to cover the deficit.

The con men in Congress create an annual budget that indicates how much of the tax payers money they are willing to spend. It they spend more than they have allocated, they claim it is necessary to raise taxes.

The budget does not reveal how much money the government has stashed away in hidden bank accounts, it only is a statement of how much they are willing to spend.

With over 17 trillion dollars in revenue, coming from taxes and the  return on their invested assets and a 3.8 trillion budget, the criminals on Capitol Hill had a 13 trillion dollars more than what was need to fund the government.

The government is not broke, it has plenty of our money and could function without the necessity of collecting any taxes from anyone.

In fact the government has enough money to pay off all student loans and home mortgages. Can you imagine the what would happen if the American people were relieved of all of their debt.

All corporations have a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), which reveals all of their assets and liabilities.

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But what incentive does the mafia have to free their slaves?


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