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Letter to Judge Anna


Dear Anna:

I admire your dedication and hard work at unraveling and sharing the history of all this fraud and corruption. Michigan state is to be commended for their commitment to a lawful return of our original form of govt., a Republic. I read the 56 pages they drafted and apparently sent to the HAGUE court, and its publication in the "WALL STREET JOURNAL" as an international publication to the world informing the world as to its new status, (supposedly).

But if you or anyone else, like that document proclaims, is going to be in a "peaceful" transition to a lawful government after 150+years of fraud, you're either naive or have way more faith that people will do the right thing, and recognize our new found status. All we won is a small battle. The war has yet to be won and you know all to well about the mentality of these Corporate elitist.

They will never give up power peacefully....NEVER. We don't have enough time to form jural societies and basically forming new governments to replace ones already in place that will use all the law enforcement they have established in order to protect themselves against losing their positions of authority. Especially when people by the millions are suffering everyday as we talk...still losing their homes to fraudulent foreclosures, bank accounts being wiped out by taxing agencies, paychecks being levied, and so on.

That document is missing an important page...Until such time as we can can form these lawful societies, we demand under "Emergency Conditions" that the lawful public office of Sheriff (an American National) be filled "immediately" by educated, informed, and patriotic men and woman, volunteering (without pay) temporarily to step up in all counties of America as un-elected officials having absolute and Supreme Authority over all Corp US officials now in office.

They will need to either arrest them or force their removal, in order to avoid the possibility and bloodshed that will result if this is delayed by even one more day. It has to be quick and a consorted and sufficiently planned and executed so there are no arguments about who the "New Sheriffs in town" are and their almost unlimited authority over everyone. They will need this authority to accomplish this "PEACEFUL TRANSITION" to our original REPUBLIC.

Therefore, we also request the HAGUE court and the international community at large for their military backing, or forcing our own military to back all of these newly un-elected Sheriffs to accomplish our goal uncontested, for the peoples own safety and ours. Our goal being a "PEACEFUL" transition to a lawful republic, whose intention with the world as a whole will also be peaceful, since we will no longer be using "private debt instruments" as currency, but "REAL MONEY".

As God is my witness..That's what is missing judge Anna...

james pansini August 16, 2016 at 3:22 PM

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