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A nation or a country is the name given to identify a particular group of people and the place where they live. Every country has a governing body that is a legal fiction created to control the people or to protect the rights of the people.

Like a corporation a government is an artificial person or a legal fiction and has no inherent rights. Lawful governments derive their power from the consent of the governed.

Many patriotic Americans try to explain how our government has gone astray by asserting that the United States became a corporation in 1871.

What they fail to realize is that virtually every country in the history of the world has been an legal fiction created by a group of individuals to control the people of a nation and their wealth.

When a government or a corporation is controlled by the financial elite the vast majority of the people become debt slaves to the banking institutions.

According to our founding fathers, our government was not created to a  government of, by and for the people. It was not created to benefit the few

The Constitution was written as a rulebook to govern the government and to prevent its abuse of power. The people in each of the states created their own government and transferred a portion of their sovereignty to their state government. The authority granted to their state governments was revokable any time by the voice of the people

The representatives of the people from the states then created a national government and granted to that body a list of enumerated powers. Any power that was not granted to the government was to be retained by the states and the people.

Our government (corporation) has been infiltrated by bankers, lawyers and corrupt politicians and they have seized control of the government of the United States.

When agents of the bankers write unconstitutional laws, the nation that was created to promote liberty has become the author of tyranny. The people that were to be the masters have become the slaves in a land that once was free. We are the employers and those that we elect are to be our servants.

The only way to restore the rule of law is to expel all of the government officials that have been masquerading as public servants. Virtually ever elected official as well as those that have been appointed are enemy agents and need to be terminated.

Does it really make any difference if the UNITED STATES is a corporation or it is simply controlled by corporations?


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The Legislators are elected by the people of the many neighborhoods - how many of your neighbors know who is their State Senator or Representative? How many have read the Constitution [ever] and how many understand what it says?

No you know why we spent years building the largest most complete WEB base Constitutional an American history site on the WEB and it is all free, ebooks, pdf books, audio 5000 year Leap, 1812 free dictionary - no ads, no cookies, no tracking, no email required, no membership, it is just there for all to learn and study.


If you got your amendment passed what would change?

There would be no Federal income tax, there would be no Super Senate [  they would work at the pleasure of the State legislators] there would be no Super Supreme court or Federal district courts legislating from the bench. 

The States would again control all the things that the Federal alphabet agencies now usurp [only Article I section 8 agencies could be funded] - just think - a life with no IRS, no EPA, No Fish and game, No NFS, no BLM, no DOE, wow just our individual States doing what we the people instruct them to do face to face, neighbor to neighbor. Liberty and Freedom for all.

The entire BPA amendment is in this section just scroll down.

We are still in economic servitude as we must still borrow numbers that do not exist until they create them to obtain a medium of exchange.


if we can do the Article V project to restore liberty then the current paradigm will end . . debt can then be paid off with sales of land, resources and royalties from offshore oil and gas.


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