The Last Line

This is a link you have got to see. This is a great idea and the right thing to do. THIS is what I have been saying all along. The SHERIFF is our LAST LINE OF DEFENSE! 

Click Here!

Let me know if you are willing to do this in your county!

Any takers? Or are we all just full of hot air?

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I am not a SHERIFF how can I help!!

Not sure to whom you refer when you say "you", but if that's me, I am already familiar with all of the links you mention and the information in them. I would refer you however; to further your idea of a "Committee of Safety", to a friend of mine who has been doing this since the seventies and as far as I'm concerned has the right idea, Mr. Robert Schulz of We The People at He has assembled what is essentially a "Citizen's Oversight Committee" designed to sit in on EVERY move the government makes, be it local or otherwise. We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education in America is another effort to bring about true freedom and sovereignty to our land.

Check them out and tell me what YOU think.

Many sheriffs have become Federal marshals . They get their pay checks from O" Satan already . The slime of communism is already greasing their holsters . Your Oathkeepers and your county jural societies better get cracking .

Here's another line of defense that can be enacted NOW, by the people:


Veterans in proper status who wish to become active again in defense of the Constitution for the united States of America, 1789, against all enemies, both foreign domestic and are willing to participate in any or all of the following activities:

  1. Passing out Jury Nullification Brochures.
  2. Participating as Courtroom Observers in cases involving Veterans.
  3. Standing for Veterans under duress of foreclosure.
  4. Helping organize these efforts locally.
  5. Willing to accept Veterans Public Wealth [Tax] Rebate Notes [Savings Bonds] for their new commitments and actions.
  6. Helping Veterans who are homeless by lobbying against oppressive ordinances aimed at driving them out of their communities.
  7. Signing up for Jury Duty with the Veterans Grand Jury in Colorado.
  8. Becoming a Veterans Grand Jury Administrator in Colorado
  9. Help inform your constituents, neighbors friends about the Supreme Law of the Land new mass movements that will quash all the corruption, fraud theft in current judicial system & law enforcement.
  10. Helping stem the confiscation of children from good parents
  11. Helping eliminate the wholesale poisoning of our food, water, soil, air vaccines.
  12. Helping decimate the private, for-profit prison system
  13. Any educational effort for children about civics & the Constitution
  14. Participating in the Committee of Safety for your county
  15. Becoming a Committee of Safety Administrator for your county
  16. Help educate your local Sheriff about the Constitution
  17. Speak at Lions, Kiwanis, Optimist, Moose Lodge, Sertoma, Rotary, etc. about the Constitution
  18. Helping restore the rule of Law in the united States of America!!

For more information, read The Bank Book which is available as a free download at:

or contact:

Steven Dean, Byfield 303.514.3661 U.S. Navy

Eric Brandt 720.609.1208 U.S. Navy

Clarence Young 720.422.8188 U.S. Army

Jojo Nash-Conners Bey 303.887.3263 U.S. Army

Sara Deleon 719.248.7204 U.S. Army

Nelson Scott 970.623.1142 U.S. Army

Marshal Spring 303.324.2635 U.S.M.C.

Gary Darby 541.862.2074 U.S. Air Force

Thanks for the great info lis, but can we just provide the link only next time and just tell people to click on the link? That will make it easier and you won't have the trouble with size.

This movement is gaining a lot of traction and success.  It boils down to us, the people.  We, the people, are the dejure govt.  Step up!


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