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At the end of the Revolutionary War, the colonies were deeply in debt. They had to borrow millions of dollars from the French, Spanish and Dutch who demanded they repay in gold.

The colonies however, did not have the ability to repay this debt. England stepped in and repaid our debt and thus became our creditor.

The British government needed stronger government in the United States in order to be guaranteed that we would pay them back, so the British banking monopolies/Monarchy convinced the financial elite in America that a strong central government would benefit them. Taxation would be their payment.

The Constitution was sold as a document that would promote liberty, equality and justice for all. The Constitution was actually written to protect the assets of the financial elite and their posterity in perpetuity.

Most of the men elected to Congress in 1788 were rich white lawyers. Today, most of our government leaders are members of the financial elite and are still masquerading as servants of the people.

Only a little over 1% of the 3 million people living in the United States were permitted to vote in the Presidential Election in 1788-1789. Patrick Henry boycotted the Constitutional Convention because he smelled a rat.

And today, so do I.

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Keith, I find this interesting as always, while I would be curious about what Patrick Henry might have written on the subject, if he did. As well, my friend, with all respect noting the "to white lawyers", you would have had to look high and low, left and right and under rocks to find a non white lawyer at the time, to fill the diversity quota, clearly unknown quantity at the time. Possibly they could have rangled one of the Painted up " tea party" indians to fill the need.  I'm not a lawyer, so puzzled why I noted that. 

The statue of liberty was not in evidence at the time, so the huddled masses were not coming to our beacon of light---yet.

My eggnog has no extra caloric mind diverting substance in it as of 09:00 hours, while that could change as the day moves on.

At Your Service

LT. Robert Powell Jr

Oregon City, ( Socialist Democratic Republic ) of Oregon

Wasn't it soon after that the beginings of the "Federal Reserve Board" were forming? It's amazing how we are a country that has produced so much wealth, yet, dug ourselves onto a deep hole of debt.
Who have been in the pockets of our Treasury Department? Does anyone remember when something like a Trillion Dollars was missing from the FRB & they refused to allow themselves to be audite? They even threatened to do something to the economy if it was pushed on them. Smells like a rat.

This may be true but our constitution was written in a way that would protect we the people from a tyrannical government although it hasn't worked because of the tyrannical people running our government and the ones we sent to correct this have sold out to the federal reserve (Central Banks) and we still have a tyrannical government which could be stopped by sending in the military to arrest the executive branch!

Not unlike Hal in Odyssey 2001, given power, the gov't is destined to protect THE GOV'T...

National elections imply election of one central leader, or "the one" ...On top of that lobbies have replaced We The People in running the gov't, in effect they can buy elections and make near infinite amounts of superseding central self serving laws that apply to all, thus inherently these laws must frequently contradict each other (laws of the land).  The founders initially designed a system governed by local laws (by communities), if necessary centrally verified for soundness and morality (by appeals to congress, thus rarely) other words the constitution effectively reduced We The People into gov't servants, the exact opposite of what most of the founders intended.

The Constitution can not protect the people, unless the people enforce it. Men like Alexander Hamilton knew that due to the ignorance and apathy of the people the Constitution would not be enforced. They knew the rulers would do virtually anything they wan intended to do and that is to empower the financial elite to write laws that would protect them and their posterity from foreign governments and the ignorant masses of peasants.The constitution can not work property unless the people take the responsibility to enforce it by holding elected officials accountable.

Wouldn't it be great if our federal government had no more health, education and welfare  as the constitution intended? Wouldn't it be great if we the people really became we the people and got rid of electorates that would rather govern themselves than to serve we the people!

The US Constitution paves the road to dictatorship through national elections of a “president”, it takes away state and individual sovereignty through dilution, it empowers esquires to legislate from the bench and totally run the gov’t …the federal constitution hijacked and reversed the Confederate gov’t from We The People by at least three MAJOR contradictions to The Articles of Confederation …it was crafted by esquires in secrecy, thus it has usurped The Articles of Confederation (the lawful or de-jure Union of States) by deception.

The people elected into gov't are not unlike police departments, if the police don't police themselves the bad cops will take over ...hamilton was one of those traitors pushing for the "hijacking", and as you can see as long as society cannot function without money there is no way to exclude these esquires from gov't.

"Why has government been instituted at all? Because the passions of men will not conform to the dictates of reason and justice, without constraint."
"A national debt, if it is not excessive, will be to us a national blessing."
-alexander hamilton ("the one")

I have some of his material and like to listen to his sermon

Thanks Morton for filling in the blanks.. Or was it Keith? I am so short of time I appreciate it. We do need to open our minds. Anything is possible when it is all a cover up.


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