No Representation? No Taxation!

It's time to step up and recognize that these two concepts were always tied together and for good reasons. They should be and here's why. When any state would want to be counted for taxation, they would have a natural tendency to fudge the numbers DOWN to save the state money, BUT! When they report the count for Representation, they would wish to fudge the numbers UP. to gain more voice in the House. So an automatic fail safe is installed by tying the two together. Honest numbers would then hopefully be reported by all states. That's the whole point. 

Honesty in Taxation!

Honesty in Representation!

Honesty in Government!

BUT! And that's a BIG BUT!

There is NO fail safe against the government ignoring this law. So you ask, What's Wrong with Congress? Why would they do THAT?


"The power in any particular office of government is directly proportional to the number of constituents represented by that office." - Morton IX

And by assumption, if there is no limit to the size of Congressional Districts, then there is nothing to stop that power from becoming absolute and remember;

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." - John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron of Acton

So, if we reduce the number of people in each district to 30,000 People, we reduce the power of that Representative and by association, increase the power of the individual by a factor of 25 to 1. In fact, Federalist # 55  explicitly says, without qualification, that;

"The number of which this branch of the legislature is to consist, at the outset of the government, will be sixty five. Within three years a census is to be taken, when the number may be augmented to one for every thirty thousand inhabitants; and within every successive period of ten years the census is to be renewed, and augmentations may continue to be made UNDER THE ABOVE LIMITATION."

That's huge! That backs up everything I have said. This means that one should only have to campaign to 30,000 people instead our current 710,000. That makes the cost of winning the election, to that seat of government relatively low.

So instead of costing $1.6 million on average to be win that office, one would have to assume that the cost would shrink by at least the same factor, 25/1. No? Well that comes out to about $64,000 per candidate to win the election. MUCH more achievable by the average man. No?

Then the other issue arises. What about taxation? Well we don't have to go very far to nail this one down. When we have the ten planks of the Karl Marx system in place, including an unapportioned direct and progressive tax on "incomes" being unlawfully and fraudulently foisted upon ordinary citizens, there is NO DOUBT that we no longer live in a Representative Republic as we have been supposedly guaranteed. To whit;

Article IV, Section 4 - u.s. Constitution;

"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence."

If you don't believe me;

Watch This Full Length Movie!

Comments? Questions? Answer? Conflicts?

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   Revise the system,  But someone has to pay the bills

paying the bills is NOT the issue, if it is then require the freeloaders and bums living off the taxpayers to pay all back taxes and start to earn their own living.  This is no longer America, the home of the brave, but is now ametica the home of the useless freeloaders.

When we, should we be able to do so, revise this illegal epic failed system we would be wise to take all the billions/Trillions of $'s from the CAFR's which is where this corrupt corporation has hidden all our money. 

Bills paid ... Check

I have never experienced an honest government whether it be state or federal.  they all have tons of money held in reserve from their investments, but they all cry that they have no money and therefor they need to raise your taxes.  what a crooked lot of government there is.  we need the PEOPLE to wake up and see the light and just how much the governments are rally screwing them!

"a Republican form of Government",

Does anyone really believe we will ever see this as a reality?  There are way too many blind followers, who believe everything this government tells them and too many living off of the government, to ever make this become a reality!  Unless of course, the PEOPLE begin to use their brains and understand just how bad the government is screwing them.  WAKE UP AMERICANS, now not later.


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